A Checklist For Selecting An Assisted Living Facility


checklist for assited living faciltyLooking for an assisted living facility can be difficult. You have to be sure the place is of good quality and within your budget. For this you have to know what the actual community is like, rather than how pretty it looks in the brochures.  The easiest way to find out is to follow a 3 step process. First look for information online, then check on the phone, and finally visit the facility for a final check. Then you can follow up with more details. So here is a checklist of what you should consider during the assisted living selection if you don’t go through an agency such as Care Locators to help you find the perfect facility.

Do online research on all the facilities you come across. This could be through word of mouth, adverts, directories, etc… Your checklist should contain the following:


How close is it to amenities like hospitals, shops, pharmacy, religious places, etc… Look up on Google maps to see neighborhood location. How far is it for friends and family to visit? If far away, are there budget friendly accommodations available?

Neighborhood Safety

Look for location specific crime reports to see how safe the area is. Check for online tools which help you evaluate the facilities area, safety and crime rate.

Online Reviews

Go onto online reviews of assisted living facilities and see what kind of feedback is out there. Look for local council reviews and business rating for the facility to see whether they are in good standing.

Assisted Living Phone Research

First check for vacancies for new residents, and inquire about waiting lists. Check for pricing, as it is often based on a resident’s requirement. You may not get a final price, but a ball park figure is good.

  • Programs or options available for affordable care
  • Response to any negative criticism on their facility
  • How long are the tours offered for and what areas will be shown?

Assisted Living Tour Checklist

All that glitters is not necessarily gold, so go for several tours if possible to be sure. The best way is to go yourself to all the ones you want to visit, and then take your loved one to the facilities you feel are good fits. You can also ask friends, other family, or care managers to do this for you.

  • Are all spaces (i.e. exterior, gardens, bathrooms, commons spaces, private rooms) attractive, clean and smell free
  • Is there parking for residents and visitors, and is there a safe and enclosed outside space for residents to socialize
  • How well is your guide responding to your queries.
  • Are there rooms for visitors and residents to interact and hold private parties, schedule of events your loved one would like, outside interaction & outings scheduled for residents
  • Are all living spaces, hallways, bathrooms, etc… equipped with safety equipment like handrails and have there been recent bathroom renovations
  • Do residents have to share a room or do they get a private room. Can you view the types of rooms available
  • What is the quality of the food, how many meals are given, do they cater to dietary requirements, is food acceptable in rooms, can visitors eat with residents, try the food yourself

Follow-up Conversations

Come back or call them to ask for more detailed information on costs, staff, care & services.

Mathew Lee is the author of this wonderful guest post. He is a healthcare professional and an avid blogger. He says for some great senior living options you can visit his official website.

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