Cellulite Food: 4 of the Best Anti-Cellulite Food Ingredients


You do not have to endure cellulite that makes your skin look like orange rinds.  Do something about it without having to spend much.  Discover how these top 4 anti cellulite food ingredients are your best weapon.


Kelp is large seaweed that belongs to the algae family.  It is one of the secret weapons against cellulite that meets the approval of Dr. Oz.

This seaweed contains fucoxanthin, a natural substance that empowers the body to burn fats by as much as 10% of your body weight. Burned fats minimize the formation and appearance of cellulite.

You have several recipes to enjoy Kelp in your cellulite food.  You can add it to your soup-based recipes.  Crush it and you have a ready ingredient for your salad or stir-fried food recipes.

Green Tea

green teaAnother anti cellulite food that is popular for weight loss, and now, it is fast becoming popular in fighting cellulite as well.  It contains theobromine that promotes the release of stored fats and diminishes cellulite that shows on your skin.

The best part of using green tea as cellulite food is that it is naturally delicious.  You can use it as a food ingredient such as green tea oatmeal for breakfast or as the main ingredient for your beverage such as green tea juice, or green tea smoothie.

This is the king of vegetables, broccoli has one property that beats other vegetables in fighting cellulite effectively.  It is rich in alpha lipoic, a natural substance that inhibits the hardening of collagen and thus prevents cellulite from forming.

Broccoli is a cellulite food that is highest in nutrient density.  You can use it as the main ingredient such as broccoli with beef, as a side dish such as mashed potatoes and broccoli, or as an appetizer such as broccoli squares or broccoli bites.  Check online for more savory recipes.


Fruits are natural detoxifiers.  They help flush out harmful substances in the body.  One substance present in oranges is methoxylated bioflavonoids that prevent cellulite formation by correcting any cell imbalance in the body.

Oranges are a refreshing way to fight cellulite.  Create a fruit bowl of oranges, apples, mango, and grapes that will serve as your anti cellulite food.  Or blend oranges with other citrus fruits for your morning beverage.

Your physician or skin care specialist may tell you that there is no cure for cellulite.  However, cellulite does not have to show on your body as there are ways to control and minimize its appearance.  Before spending for costly skin care products, consider benefiting from these top five anti cellulite food.

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