Celebrity Chef Recipes Aren’t Always Healthy — Here’s What You Can Do To Change Them


Anybody who has watched a Food Network show probably knows that most recipes aren’t exactly healthy. While it may look like they’re made with healthy ingredients, such as a variety of fruits and vegetables, they can be loaded with flavor boosters like butter, garlic, and salt. The goal of many celebrity chefs is to create recipes that look and taste delicious, but that doesn’t guarantee they’re actually good for you. Some celebrity chefs have created recipes and cookbooks that have been deemed as dangerous by nutritionists due to their caloric and fat content.

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If you are an avid watcher of the Food Network and you actually create the recipes made by celebrity chefs, it’s important to be aware of the contents and macros of the meals to ensure you’re eating healthy, especially since under 10% of The Food Network recipes posted online by celebrity chefs labeled within the “healthy” category. If you like to make an unhealthy meal every once in a while to reward yourself, that’s fine. Nobody will judge you for that. It just becomes a serious problem when you’re cooking meals that are constantly 1000 calories are more. To help yourself become more aware of what you’re cooking, follow these tips.

Eat with your eyes, but cook with your brains

The best part about watching celebrity chefs cook is feasting your eyes on the delicious meal they make. Like mentioned earlier, however, it’s likely that these meals aren’t healthy. Indulge yourself in their meals by watching them make it, and pay attention to the ingredients they use. You can probably use less of the fattening ingredients they use or find other healthy alternatives online. Use your brain to make these recipes healthier — even if it just means substituting whole milk with skim milk or buttery mashed potatoes with roasted potatoes.

Limit yourself

If you love to make celebrity chef recipes but find yourself gaining weight, try to limit yourself. Pick out one recipe per week created by your favorite celebrity chef and create it, even if it’s on the unhealthier side. Like mentioned before, nobody is going to judge you for having a cheat meal once a week. By eating healthier throughout the week and allowing yourself time to indulge, you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings while subsequently taking in fewer calories.

Pay attention to the chefs who mean healthy business

There are plenty of celebrity chefs out there who create healthy meals. Food Network chefs like Stuart O’Keeffe and Ellie Krieger are known for creating healthier recipes, so if you want to stick to the celebrity chef lifestyle, try to incorporate recipes from these chefs as well. Don’t think of “healthy” recipes as being gross. The truth is that these celebrity chefs are celebrities and chefs for individual reasons (hint: it’s because they’re good at what they do). Chances are if it’s a well-known chef, the recipe is going to be delicious — even if it’s healthy.

Take what you will from these tips. If you’re committed to living a healthier lifestyle, there are many ways to incorporate healthier options into the recipes you create. When it comes to The Food Network, there will always be unhealthy foods. Their purpose is to share the most delicious, mouth-watering meals with their fans, so it’s not surprising for the recipes and restaurants featured are calorie-heavy. Just keep in mind that the healthier the recipe is, the better — but don’t forget to indulge every once in a while!

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