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Tips for Finding a Good Personal Fitness Trainer

Before choosing a personal fitness trainer, it is crucial to learn about the certifications of each one. For example, you may want to know whether they hold the NPTI (National Personal Trainer Institute) certification or the NASM-CPT (American College of Sports Medicine) certification. The NPTI certification is the most common and is considered the gold […]


Family Fitness And Fun Outside In The Cold

Playing outside during warm months is easy. Parks are open, animals are outside, and there are an abundance of activities to do that are both fun and keep your children active. Cold months are more of a challenge. It may seem easy to stay inside in your pajamas watching television or playing video games, but […]


How to Set Up Your Own Home Gym

Everyone knows the health benefits of going to the gym on a regular basis, but many people struggle to go to the gym throughout the week and this could be for any number of different reasons. If you want to get into shape but you find it difficult to visit the gym on a regular […]


How to Find the Right Fitness Gear For You

Fitness gear is a multi-million dollar industry around the world, and there are plenty of products from which to choose. However, there’s actually a lot of personalization available, and selecting workout gear that meets your own specific needs is essential. Whether it’s compression shorts designed to help your muscles work at their best or shoes […]


How to Fit Exercise in Whilst Looking After the Kids

The summer holidays can be an expensive time, with days out and extra meals to pay for. It sometimes feels like your world is completely turned on its head, with no time to do all of the things that you usually do. If you have found that you no longer have time to fit in […]


What Are The Benefits of Superfoods?

Superfoods refer to the foods that provide high health benefits. They are believed to ward off some diseases because of their richness in nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Like CRA audit procedures where numbers don’t lie, and you can prove several details, there is some proof that diet can ward off diseases and improve poor […]


How To Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Yoga

Whenever you start practicing yoga, your lifestyle changes and gets better. For instance, you get better sleep and you feel more relaxed. Moreover, yoga makes your limbs flexible and muscles stronger. Apart from good diet, yoga workout contributes heavily to having a good lifestyle. Let’s look at how to have a healthy lifestyle with yoga. […]

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5 Proven Ways to Maximize Your Post-Workout Recovery

Workout enthusiasts with the goal of achieving the best results go the extra mile in their training. Every further squat, chest press, deadlift or any other exercise matters to them. However, these prolonged and strenuous workouts come at a cost. The muscles cells get numerous microtears that can derail the programs of days to come. […]


Writing about Fitness: Rules, Secrets, Tips

Tips on Successful Fitness Article Writing Professional writers of often help bloggers to improve the quality of their content. Among the most popular spheres are fitness, healthy way of life, beauty and fashion, so they are dab hands at writing texts for them. For you, future fitness writers, these workable tips how to create […]


3 Workout Hacks For The Weekend Athlete

Not all of us have the luxury of time to workout everyday, and so we understand and even applaud you “weekend athletes” out there. We know how precious the time you spend exercising is and so we are here to share with you some workout hacks to make your routine more efficient and effective. Are […]

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