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How To Make Healthy Eating Fun (And Sustainable!)

There is a widespread misunderstanding that nutritious eating must be uninteresting. If you eat the same food every day, this may be true, but there are other methods to get your vegetables without getting bored. This no-frills guide will show you how to make healthy eating enjoyable using seven innovative strategies. Make time to eat […]


Top Hacks for a More Successful Diet Plan

While the word diet may conjure ideas of losing weight in many people’s minds, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean a weight-loss diet plan. Planning a healthy diet can be done for many reasons and to accomplish personal fitness goals. Therefore creating a diet plan isn’t necessarily always about losing weight — but what kind […]


Spaghetti Squash – A Healthy Alternative To Pasta

For many people, eating healthy can prove to be challenging. This is especially true for pasta lovers, who may be in search of more health-conscious substitutions for their favorite dishes. To this end, spaghetti squash can be an ideal alternative when used in traditional pasta preparations. The following information will help virtually everyone incorporate this […]


The Perfect App for the Vegan Home Cook

The vegan lifestyle seems to turn many people off. All the restrictions tend to make the diet a hard one to keep up with, but the astounding health benefits of veganism is definitely worth the trouble. However, something that does tend to pose as an issue for vegans now is variety in their meal plans. […]


Cooking With Alcohol: A Healthy Guide

You’ve probably been bombarded with stories and information about how alcohol, when drunk to excess, can be bad for you. To be fair, the medical profession, from where most of the advice emanates, has a point. Too much booze – especially drunk too quickly – can make you a danger to yourself and to others. […]


Top 50 Vegan Blogs of 2014

For the second year in a row, is publishing it’s list of Top 50 Vegan Blogs. isn’t the only place to find top notch vegan recipes and health, lifestyle, and fitness articles and we know that. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite vegan blogs for 2014. This group of selected […]


Gelato or Ice Cream – What’s Your Preference?

Summer and ice cream, what could be better? Whether it’s homemade Italian gelato or creamy soft serve, we enjoy it in on top of waffle cones or in frozen yogurt paper cups in every flavor imaginable. Although gelato and ice cream are both favorites, there’s some basic differences in how they’re made. Looking for healthy […]


Smart Poppy Seed Recipes

Don’t you love finding an easy secret to use in the kitchen? Even better, isn’t it a wonderful feeling when people enter your home and automatically stop to ask, “Wow, what is that smell? Something smells delicious!” Eating something with a unique, pleasant taste stays with you – you don’t forget about it. In fact, […]


Our 5 Favorite Rose Hip Recipes

Rose hips have received a revival in recent years as people rediscover the vibrant red berries packed with vitamin C. While many blogs discuss the myriad health benefits of rose hips, we simply love their bright color and unique taste. Here are our favorite dishes and recipes that use rose hips as a main flavor. […]


Easy To Make Healthy Dessert Recipes

If you have a sweet tooth and you cannot resist the urge to gorge on that favorite dessert of yours then you need to read this. It is common knowledge that today a majority of the people are suffering from ailments like obesity, diabetes, etc. You too should be concerned about your own and your […]

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