Car Accidents: Causes and Preventions


Car accidents are unfortunately getting very common nowadays, and studies have shown that a hugely significant number of accidents are caused due to human error. While most accidents are fairly minor, and people escape with minor scratches others can be more deadly and cause serious damage like spinal disc injury or even worse, death. Hundreds of lives are lost every month due to tragic car accidents. Every second we spend behind the steering wheel, we are putting our lives and the lives of people around us at risk, thus it is crucial to drive carefully.
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Although being careful does not necessarily guarantee that the drivers around you are going to follow suit. If you happen to be in a car crash it may not essentially be your fault and you most certainly should not be held accountable for the damage caused by the mistakes and shortcomings of other drivers. For your convenience we have compiled a list of most common causes and reasons for car crashes. Read carefully to find out what actions you might be doing wrong and in what ways you can drive to prevent any future accidents.

  1. Distracted Driving

Driving while distracted has been the leading cause of accidents and every year the stats are increasing! We cannot emphasis enough how important it is for you to pay your attention to the road, this means no eating, no talking, no texting, no grooming etc. Once you sit behind the wheel you hold lives at stake, so your focus should only be on the road.

  1. DUI or Driving Under Influence

Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs such as alcohol etc. is highly dangerous and must be discouraged. If you have had something to drink then it is prudent to have a friend drive you home or call a cab. Believe us; it is just not worth the risk

  1. Speeding

The second most leading cause of road accidents; speeding is absolutely lethal and should be avoided at all costs. As a famous saying goes “Speed thrills but kills” so it is better that you resist the temptation to and try to stay within the legal speed limits

  1. Irresponsible or wild driving

Reckless or rash driving which includes changing lanes too fast, honking for no apparent reason and other wild driving behaviors should be discouraged and avoided at all times. Remember carelessness can cause accidents so it’s wise to stay calm and for your safety and those around you, it is better if you avoid rowdy drivers on the road.

  1. Bad weather conditions

Bad weather conditions like rain or strong winds can cause accidents as well, so if it is possible then avoid driving in rain. Low visibility can be dangerous, both for you and those around you.

  1. Ignoring Traffic rules

Reckless mistakes or actions like running red lights or turning without checking your mirrors can cause some serious damage. Not only will you be breaking the law and have to pay hundreds of dollars in fines, you can cause some serious injuries to yourself and the people around you. Head injuries, bruised ribs and spinal disc injuries are just some of the serious injuries you can suffer upon collision or impact with another vehicles so try your best to follow all pertinent traffic rules.

  1. Driving during the night

While for most people driving during the night isn’t something to be scared of, but lack of visibility makes night time a dangerous time to drive. People tend to get a little casual with driving considering most people are sleeping and it is past rush hour. Furthermore some people complain of finding it difficult to see in the dark so it is best to avoid driving at night if possible.

  1. Mechanical Errors

At times accidents might be caused due to a defect or issue in your car. In this case it is better to keep your car up to date with the scheduled servicing and maintenance requirements. Additionally there might be some manufacturing faults that you just can’t avoid or know about.

  1. Not knowing where you are going

Confused and uncertain drivers are also the cause of road accidents. If you are going to visit an unfamiliar area, it is better to follow a map or let the GPRS take you to your destination. You can even ask people for directions but please do try to avoid aimless and perplexed driving.

  1. Underage drivers

Underage drivers especially teenagers have little or no experience in driving under unsafe conditions and can’t make fast decisions if a situation arises. It is better to make sure that your teenage children take a defensive driving course before you officially let them drive a car on their own. Better still; accompany them at all times until you are absolutely sure they can handle the road stress on their own.

  1. Potholes

Potholes are every driver’s bane of existence and they are so hard to avoid! If you try to avoid them you might end up damaging your car or worse end up hurting yourself and others around you. Try your best to slow down the car if you notice one, but not very abruptly, don’t swerve into other lane without checking for other cars first. The best thing to do is to drive within the speed limit so you can avoid such problems

  1. Tire issues

Tire blowouts or low tire pressure can cause your car to swerve or go out of control. If that happens to you it is best to stay calm and try to bring the car under your control. It is wise to check your car tires every month or so, especially before going out on a long road trip.

So before you go driving next time, think about yourself and your loved ones and try to keep your focus on the road! Life is definitely worth living.

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