The Best Method for Updating Your Home


Method’s 3D Explorable Dream Home Revealed

Very few of us live in our dream home. We make do, instead, with all sorts of dwelling units. These are built to match the needs and living standards of bygone eras, and these old-fashioned housing styles don’t always feel quaint and charming. After living for a couple years in a home that was designed for the way life was lived in the 1950’s, you might be waiting for the day when you can move elsewhere.

Method presents an alternative. In their new campaign, they demonstrate how new ideas, hard work, and easy to find materials can translate into a home renovated for your unique taste. Go to Method’s site to see some of the inspiring examples they have created in homes just like yours, using the expert efforts of ChefSteps, Emily Henderson, and Teni Panosian. These folks probably won’t be the ones to implement these changes in your home, but their inspiration can serve to recreate the space you live in.

Antiquated home styles tend to be felt in certain places more than others. The kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room are three of the most important. This is because these are the rooms where you spend the most time. They also have a lot of functional importance. Even though the kitchen and bathroom have basic utility that has never changed over generations, new designs, updated technologies, and different fashions make big changes between old and new style homes.

If old styles like this persist in your house, it can make it a less inspiring place to live. But it can also make your house harder to sell or rent out in the future. Whatever your reason for wanting a more updated home, make the change now! It’ll take some time, but you’ll be very glad that you did it.

Method has released the final design of their dream home with a kitchen designed by ChefSteps. See the video below, and visit Method’s site to see the big reveal of all the rooms in the final dream home

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