Benefits of a Volleyball Machine


As volleyball became more popular and competitive, the need for greater quality training equipment also grew. With the advent of the jump shot, serving had become more competitive, and learning how to return these serves was more important than ever. This increase of demand for improved training equipment gave way to the birth and development of volleyball machines.


Volleyball machines originally piggybacked on the technology of pitching machines for baseball, then branched out and began featuring new and innovative technology. Pitching machines feature spinning wheels that project the baseball forward. Multiple spinning wheels, all spinning at different speeds allowed for movement and accuracy on the ball. This technology was quickly adopted by volleyball machines.

Nowadays, a good quality volleyball machine can serve jump serves at high release points, or serve at low release points for setting, all with variable speeds and high accuracy.

Of course, volleyball machines nowadays are so intricate and complex that we couldn’t list every feature here. Check out the volleyball serving machines from Anytime Sports Supply to learn more.

It is clear to coaches, parents and players alike, that just about every team needs one of these machines in their arsenal if they want to take their game to the next level. One coach that purchased the Attack 2 volleyball machine said that, “every high school in the USA needs one of these machines.”

And it’s true, according to Sports Attack, “90% of teams reaching the final four in college competitions have used [these] machines…” Even for a middle school team, a volleyball machine would be great, but for an elite college team, it is imperative.

It’s obvious that you will get more reps with higher precision and accuracy out of one of these machines than you would from a human.

And, if you’re worried about price, these things come in a wide range of prices, fitting just about any budget. On the lowend, the Attack machine starts at $1,299, and on the high end, the Total Attack goes for $3,999. Each machine offers different features and levels of play while keeping your budget in mind.

Did we mention portability? The top volleyball machines out there come with transport wheels that make moving it around super easy. Each machine comes with either a tripod, or four-pod base, making for a stable and portable use.

Get over to Anytime Sports Supply and pick up a volleyball machine and train harder than your competitors today!

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