Benefits of a Breast Reduction


The world is a funny place – it’s full of people who want what other people have got. For small-breasted women, it’s easy to look at women with larger breasts and feel envious of their curves. However, for many women with big breasts, they are a physical and mental burden that they would give anything to change. More and more women with breasts that they feel are too large are taking the drastic measure of undergoing breast-reduction surgery. It’s not just for cosmetic reasons – large breasts put a huge pressure on your back and can lead to all sorts of back problems, especially in later life. Here are some ways that a breast reduction can make positive changes to your life.

Benefits of a Breast Reduction

You’ll Feel More Comfortable

Large breasts are tiresome to carry around day in, day out! As mentioned above, they put a huge strain on your back, and some women also report pain in the chest where the skin is being pulled down by the weight of them. A breast reduction lightens the load, literally, and you will feel a marked improvement in the well being of your back.

You’ll Feel More Confident

Often, women with a hang-up about their large breasts tend to cover them up with baggy clothes which make them look bigger than they are. Unfortunately, women with big chests attract unwelcome attention from the wrong sort of men, and this often leads to them developing a huge problem with their body image. Large breasts can make you look fat, even if you are not. Of course, some people master how to dress for their shape and they accept that they will always have to take account of their chest, but for other people it’s not so easy. A breast reduction can give you a new lease of life, making you feel far more comfortable in your own skin.

You’ll Find It Easier to Dress

Finding attractive bras for larger breasts is difficult. Most bras for the larger sizes look like they were built for the construction industry, and they have very little femininity about them. Even the addition of a few frills here and there looks out of place – it’s a little like wrapping a scaffolding pole in lace! Having smaller breasts means that you can go for the skimpy, feminine underwear you have always craved, and you’ll have far more choice too. Not to mention you’ll be able to fit into figure competition suits.

Men Will Stop Talking to Your Boobs!

Is there anything more frustrating than having a conversation with a man who simply cannot take his eyes off your breasts? It’s demeaning and embarrassing, but unfortunately it’s all-too-common. These kinds of men often keep the good men away. We’re not saying you should have a reduction for men at all, just that you will find it easier to attract the right sort of man. Because you’ll feel so much more confident, you will naturally attract people more easily anyway.

A breast reduction is a big step but one that many women find enables them to get on with their lives with no more hang-ups. Always undergo counselling before you make your final decision.

This article is written by Mary Jones, an employee working for a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. She is an avid reader and she enjoys her yoga classes. Visit for the latest information regarding treatments.

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