Baked Not Fried – Proper Kitchen Appliance Maintenance for Good Health!


While certain oils, especially olive oil, are great for our health in moderation, there’s no denying that fried, oily foods tend to cling to waistlines and increase the risk of us experiencing health problems that can be life-threatening. That means we need to watch how much deep fried food we consume, not to mention other ‘nasties’, like sugary foods, which is actually quite easy when you know how to make lighter alternatives, like home-made oven fries, instead of resorting to the usual fat and sugar-laden products so many of us eat regularly.

Recently, you may have noticed that there’s been a lot of talk on television and social media about how people on low incomes are unable to eat well due to their financial situation, as fresh foods tend to be more expensive than cheaper packaged foods which tend to be high in fat and sugar.

That’s true to a certain extent (there are many places to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at cheaper prices than the supermarket) but there are always alternatives to eating unhealthy food, like the example of home-made oven fries above. However, to have the option of eating healthier alternatives and enjoy what you eat, which is very important where healthy eating habits are concerned, you need to have access to the right kitchen appliances.

This doesn’t mean buying a whole bunch of faddish kitchen products, like solar-powered vegetable peelers or whatever the latest craze is, but rather ensuring your oven and stovetop are functioning correctly. As you’ll quickly discover upon reading through some of the many exciting and healthy recipes online, to prepare tasty, healthy meals, you need to cook with high heat on the stove, like when using a wok to cook a nutritious stir-fry, and with an even heat throughout the oven when cooking roast meals with ample portions of fresh vegetables.

To empower you to cook healthy, nutritious meals that the whole family can’t get enough of, follow these simple kitchen appliance cleaning and maintenance tips and keep them functioning optimally.

Proper Cleaning – The Only Good Grease is Elbow Grease!

In all honesty, if you clean regularly and don’t allow split foods and liquids to burn onto the stovetop or the oven, keeping your kitchen appliances clean and working effectively is a breeze.

Don’t – Allow grease, oil and other flammable substances to burn onto your stovetop or oven. If burned-on substances catch fire in the oven, it could damage the thermostat and that will prevent the oven from reaching the desired temperature. That could result in under or overcooked meals.

Do – Use the right cleaning materials to clean the oven and stovetop. Check the owner’s manual to see what they recommend and don’t use anything that’s overly caustic as this can cause damage and may also leave harmful residue. If you can’t find the owner’s manual, look for a PDF copy online.

What’s more, when kitchen appliances are clean and functioning efficiently, many people find that cooking healthy food at home is so much more enjoyable and fun. That’s a major aspect of enjoying a good diet, as cooking should be a pleasurable pastime and not just about sustenance and nutrition.

Regular Inspections – Get a Pro to Help You

A good way to see your kitchen appliances and their need for periodic maintenance is in the same light as your car. We all know that our cars need regular maintenance to ensure they’re operating as they should and keep us safe on the road, and your household appliances aren’t any different – they too require regular maintenance to keep them operating at optimal levels. Therefore, you need to ask yourself the question, ‘Who can locally repair my appliance when I notice an issue?’, a question that can be answered quickly by looking for suitable appliance repair companies in your area.

Along with having any issues resolved promptly by a local appliance repair company, you should also have your oven, stovetop and other kitchen appliances, especially the refrigerator, checked on a regular basis. The frequency in which you need to have your major kitchen appliances inspected and checked by a domestic appliance specialist will depend a variety of factors, such as:

Age – The older an appliance becomes, the more likely you are to experience problems with it. If you regularly experience issues with the stovetop or oven, you should ask the appliance repair expert for their thoughts on fixing it or replacing it. If it’s an older model, it may be time for a newer one.

Usage – Appliances that are used frequently are put under greater pressure than those that aren’t. if you’re using a particular appliance regularly, chances are you’ve become quite dependent on it, so have it inspected on a periodic basis and look online for things that you can do to further maintain it.

That last point is a good one to take note of as we can all help to extend the lifespan of our kitchen appliances by inspecting them and carrying out further cleaning as required. While we discussed the need to clean spills immediately earlier in the article, it should also be mentioned that giving kitchen appliances a thorough deep clean every now and then is an excellent way to keep them functioning properly, which empowers you to create a variety of low-fat, healthy and nutritious dishes at home.

Eating quality foods, foods that are good for your health and won’t see your waistline expand at an alarming rate, is a cinch when you have access to a variety of healthy recipes and properly working kitchen appliances, especially the oven and stovetop, at home. When your kitchen appliances are operating as they should, you’re empowered to make healthier alternatives to unhealthy favorites, like roasted plantain chips with ‘salsa verde’ instead of greasy, oily nachos – and the list is endless!

Whether you’ve long been a fan of healthy eating or you’ve come to realize that you need to make some changes to your diet, a kitchen space with properly functioning appliances is a must-have.


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