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IV Vitamin Therapy – Is it Right for You?

There is so much controversy on whether or not IV vitamin therapy is a good thing. I underwent IV therapy regularly for about a year for Adrenal Fatigue and leaky-gut syndrome. You may wonder exactly what IV vitamin therapy is. It is a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are administered intravenously. A popular […]


Eat Right Live Right Feel Good

These days it seems you can’t meet someone who doesn’t have at least one medical issue.  Be it Celiac disease, or a dairy allergy or thyroid disease or something. The list goes on and on.  It seems people get younger and younger with a medical diagnosis that has an impact on how they must live […]


Have You Smudged Your Home this Year?

You’re likely wondering what I’m talking about.  Unless you study Feng Shui or practice in New Age philosophies, “Smudging” will not be a familiar term.  I am speaking specifically from a Feng Shui perspective on this, however it is actually a Native American practice, used to heal or cleanse.  Smudging is the burning of herbs, […]


Life After 40 … Perhaps Some “Tweaking” is in Order

Oh to be 25 again, without a care in the world, and to be able to eat whatever you want. Wow. I can’t even imagine being able to eat whatever I want at this point in my life. That is, if I care what I look like, and how I’ll feel afterward! I don’t know anyone […]

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