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Become Physically and Mentally Fit this New Year

At the start of every year we hear the same thing, “what’s your New Year’s resolution?” Just this question alone brings anxiety, stress, and fear in many of us. We hear that resolutions are silly and dumb. We hear that they are unattainable goals. To lose weight, to become more financially sound, quit smoking, to […]


4 Brain-Boosting Foods

Can’t remember what you had for dinner two nights ago? Having trouble forgetting that new coworker’s name? Do you know the name of your favorite restaurant when you were on vacation last summer? Many people deal with short-term memory loss or fuzzy memories. Memory loss is due highly to inflammation in the neurological areas and […]


The Vegetarian Diet: What You Should Know

Meatless Mondays, Tofu Tuesdays, Soyrizo, and other meatless meals are gaining popularity. The vegetarian lifestyle has come a long way in the past two decades. I’ve come to know many people who are skeptical about eating vegetable-based entrees thinking that they either won’t be hearty enough or that they will lack flavor. Many families are […]


How Your Cell Phone Can Help You Get Fit

Exercise and diet are the two most important things in keeping your body and mind healthy and fit. This isn't new news. But, doing the same old workout routine every day not only becomes boring, but your muscles begin to memorize these movements and eventually get bored, too! Here are some of my favorite apps […]


Mix It Up Workout Plan

I like to mix up my workout routine because I can get bored VERY quickly! I’ve tried gym memberships, yoga, cross training and running groups. I still attempt all of those things but am not committed to anything (except of course DAILY exercise!) Some people thrive on going to gyms and fitness groups to keep […]


Safety Tips for Summer Fun!

Summer is here… except maybe still in the Midwest! Time for barbecues, water sports,playing outdoors, and finding the true happiness in life. The sun has many natural benefits such as increasing cognitive performance, endorphin levels, and testosterone levels. It also allows the body to efficiently absorb its daily needs of Vitamin D. Heat exhaustion is […]

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