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6 Types of Pizza From Around The Globe

We can talk and discuss as much as we want about which country actually invented pizza, but this is just an open ended debate and no one can win it. Well, the word “pizza” was derived from the word pita which means pie. So you can call pizza a pie. But be very careful about […]


The Unhealthy Side of Energy Bars

Sports nutrition has become a giant industry and we need not look further to get some proof about this claim. Energy bars are the products of this industry valued in billions. Energy bars like any other sport nutrition systems are designed for basically one purpose alone—to help people perform better at the gym or in […]


Common Misconceptions about Cancer

Cancer is a dreaded disease that has claimed the lives of millions of people. It is one disease that has been misconstrued for years. Cancer is actually a class of diseases where a group of cells have grown beyond control. In order to fight this disease it is important to know what it really is […]


Top 6 Clean Eating Principles

Chances are pretty high that you have come across the term clean eating rather often. But, do you know what it really means? It’s not a fad or fancy diet, neither does clean eating involve any rigid rules. In the simplest terms it can be defined as going back to the basics. It works by […]


Researchers Say Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction are Treatable

Dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) and low testosterone (low T) can be stressful for any man. Recent studies on these conditions have given many men insight on this disorder and some contributing factors. Researchers found that certain lifestyle decisions affect the health of men, lead to ED, and cause testosterone levels to drop. Find out […]


How Long Should it Take to Lose Weight?

Our country has a growing problem with obesity and, consequently, an increased interest in weight loss. Many of the fad diets and rapid weight loss pills are a horrible idea and can result in some nasty side effects or even death if you’re not careful. Internet, health, and medical resources may conflict on various theories […]


Understanding Body Mass Index

Are you having problems with your weight? A lot of people are troubled about their weight and learn about it by reading the needle off the weighing scale. However, it is not an accurate reading of your body weight. The body mass index is a screening tool to give an accurate measure of weight and […]


Knowing the Bone-Building Nutrients

Do you get bone-related injuries often? It may be time to have a doctor check your bone density. People that have problems with their bones may lack the necessary bone-building nutrients that can help them ward off potential injuries. The bones are important because without them we are unable to walk, sit or even stand. […]

Teaching Your Child Healthy Eating Habits

Low-Allergen Diet

Do you suffer from allergy often? You are not alone. Actually, one in five people in America has allergy or asthma symptoms. It is the fifth leading chronic disease in America. That is why it makes sense to have a low-allergen diet. Low-allergen diet aims to eliminate all the potential allergic triggers. It is typically […]


Food Sources of Natural Aspirin

When aspirin is mentioned, a white tablet for aches comes to mind. But have you ever thought of having aspirin on top of your ice cream? Aspirin is known to be beneficial against heart attack and stroke due to its anti-blood clotting properties. But the pill is not the sole source of aspirin as it […]

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