Asian Beauty Secrets You Must Know


Shiny, straight black hair, clear and younger-looking skin, flawless complexion…these are only some of the enviable physical qualities that Asian women have. Obviously, genetics have a lot to do with it, but Asian women also have beauty practices that help maintain their good looks. The great thing about it is that these beauty practices do not involve drastic surgery or expensive products. Some of them came from ancient traditions that benefit both the mind and body. Start incorporating their beauty practices into your daily regimen and give your looks a major boost. Here are a few Asian beauty secrets for you to digest.

Asian Beauty Secrets

Asian Beauty Secrets: Drinking lots of tea

While the rest of the world is still a beginner when it comes to tea drinking, Asians have been doing it for hundreds of years. They know the advantages of having tea in their daily diet. Drinking lots of tea can help flush the toxins out from the body and cleanse our system from the inside. Tea also helps affect one’s mood as well. There are teas that promote alertness and there are those that promote better sleep. Detoxification and relaxation are only some of the health benefits that Asian women enjoy from drinking tea.

Asian Beauty Secrets: Getting a regular massage

Expensive habit, you might say. But in Asia, one can get affordable but great quality massages that help the mind and body relax. Asian women are willing to shell out budget for a great massage not only for relaxation but for its other health benefits too. Regular massage increases the blood flow in our body, which results to better reproduction of cells and tissues. For a little extra, one can indulge in reflexology, which can heal the body from various injuries and disorders.

Asian Beauty Secrets: Including coconut oil and water in their diet

Madonna has made coconut water popular in the U.S. but a lot of Asians consume coconut on a regular basis. It is not surprising, considering that coconut is very abundant in most Asian countries. Coconut water is good for the body as a healthy drink while coconut oil is good for cooking and as topical moisturizer. This is one of the reasons why Asian women age beautifully; they use coconut oil for cooking their food and for moisturizing their skin and hair. It makes the skin soft and glowing and the hair strong and shiny.

Asian Beauty Secrets: Stay away from the sun

A lot of Asian women from the Philippines and India have gorgeous, tanned complexions. You may be tempted to think that they must sunbathe a lot, but no. Genetics play a major role in their skin color but surprisingly, they do stay away from the sun as much as possible. In the Philippines, you can see a lot of women using umbrellas to protect their skin against the heat from the sun. This practice makes them less prone to wrinkles and skin diseases.

Asian Beauty Secrets: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Tropical fruits are abundant in most parts of Asia and this is why Asian women can indulge in fruits that are good for the skin. Avocados and papayas are some of the fruits that are commonly eaten in Asia. These fruits are also used as ingredients for beauty products like soaps and lotions, which allows Asian women to enjoy the beauty benefits of these fruits to the maximum.

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