The Terrible Duo Of Anxiety and Weight Loss


anxiety and weight lossAnxiety is already awful enough for a person to experience, but for it to be accompanied by physical changes like losing weight, how horrible can that get? Yes, it may sound outstanding to people who are desperate to shed unwanted pounds, but that’s not the healthy way to go about it. Anxiety is a state when a person is in fear of an impending doom. This is when a person is in a negative position in which he or she could no longer function efficiently. The person is too disturbed, preoccupied and problematic that his or her focus and attention is set only on the stimuli that cause the anxiety. All the troublesome symptoms of anxiety could surface, such as palpitations, hyperventilation, numbness and tingling sensations, and chest tightness, among many others.

It is evident that people under stress due to whatever reason are observed to be trimming down if not a lot but at least a few pounds. They look thinner and paler than usual. However, stress and anxiety, although commonly believed to have the same definition, still differ at some angle. Considerable stress occurs at a short period of time, and it can certainly mess a person’s life but only in a given duration. Anxiety is a little bit different from that. To be worried or concerned is a sustained feeling. It is steady and constant. It is caused by so many things that can become too much to handle at some point. It also lasts for a much longer period of time. It can be considered as a silent and slow killer. It eats you up alive and spits you back out once it’s done with you.

Anxiety meddles with ones thoughts, emotions and behavior. This affects the inner and the outer self. It is characterized by the physiological and psychological state of a person. Once the physiological needs are jeopardized, then it is expected from a person to exhibit physical changes. Case in point: a person in panic anxiety.

Panic anxiety is the fourth and worst level of anxiety wherein the person is no longer attached to reality. The anxiety has already taken over the person. This is very common during and after pregnancy, and we all know its already difficult to lose weight after pregnancy. In this state, the individual could already reach a point in which he or she can’t do even the most basic daily functions. The person is not able to take pleasure even in the things that he or she used to enjoy. Eventually, if this habit continues, then it is expected for someone to look terrible physically. To be more specific, a person could look haggardly slimmer, and it’s not the ideal weight loss we’re all rooting for.

For anxiety and weight loss to be coexisting in one person is a major pain in the neck. The key here is to put a stop to the root cause of everything, and that is in anxiety. Be patient, face your fears, engage in physical activities, or if needed, seek help from medical experts. Once you have defeated the master, which is anxiety, you will no longer have a tough time getting rid of the minions.

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