Antigravity Yoga: Taking Yoga to New Heights


A lady doing antigravity yogaIs your downward dog getting you, well… down? Are you craving a new flow, new music, and maybe even a new mantra? Well Antigravity yoga is a way to take your yoga practice to a new level. (literally!)

Last Fall, I had the opportunity to take my lotus pose to the air and upside down. This new fitness phenomenon was created by Christopher Harrison to help others work on their agility and body alignment. The Antigravity yoga class is taught in a room with antigravity hammocks, which resemble a swing made from soft but supportive fabric . These hammocks are secured to the ceiling to help support you while you fly through your poses.

The class is relaxing but still works your strength and core. It is also very much a challenge within your inner self. You must be able to let go and trust in the hammock to support you. While it may seem scary at first to drop head first towards the floor into the next pose, it is absolutely liberating. This class allows for personal growth physically and mentally. You can also participate in restorative yoga in the comfortable cocoons! After the class you feel refreshed and it is the perfect way to begin your day.

You can find Antigravity studios all over the United States and abroad in places like Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia, Spain and Japan. If you are interested in learning more, find a location near you or sneak a peak at an Antigravity Yoga class with Lululemon in the below video.

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