An Incredible Meal at Moto (Chicago)


Wow, that’s all we have to say.

The Moto experience was nothing less than top notch. The food was exquisite; the service nothing less than perfection. The 16 course molecular gastronomy tasting menu delighted and surprised and was a perfect fit for a vegetarian as the wait staff and chefs are extremely accommodating.

First the Moto “Menu” course. 16 bite size bursts of flavors that give you a hint of each of the courses to come.

The appetizer menu at Moto in Chicago

What follows is another 15 courses of pure taste bud delight. Remember, for those that are vegetarian or vegan or just don’t like a particular ingredient, Moto is extremely good about making substitutes. Most upscale restaurants aren’t always this way as the chefs are very particular about their dishes and dining with chefs can be difficult. That’s not to say that the chefs at Moto (who also happen to be the culinary trained wait staff on a rotational plan) aren’t particular. There was more detail paid to these dishes than I’ve ever seen in my life. Here are some of my favorite dishes:

Dim sum
Dim Sum at Moto

Zen garden
Zen Garden at Moto

Red Wine Salad
Red Wine Salad at Moto

Forest foraging
Forest Foraging at Moto

Coffee service
Coffee Service at Moto

Bourbon Barrel & Cocktails
Bourbon Barrel Cocktails at Moto

Overall, for $160 for 16 courses at an average of $10 per course, I would say it’s well worth it, especially when you factor in that dinner takes between 3-4 hours, so you’re definitely getting your moneys worth for the entertainment.

Chicago has a fantastic food scene with new and innovative restaurants constantly pushing the limits.  Many people visit for the food and end up never leaving.  If you’ve been considering relocating to chicago after a great experience you can start your search for homes here.

We’d like to thank Moto for having us for what was an incredible dinner. If you’d like your healthy restaurant reviewed, visit the BerryRipe Advertising page and shoot us a message.

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