Alkaline Water Experiments that Support Top Five Health Benefits


Health benefits of switching to alkaline waterScientific evidence can help either to prove or refute a claim. With alkaline water, plenty of evidence is in high demand. For critics, the findings might challenge what they know and persuade them to try alkaline water. For supporters, studies on water with positive results can cement their faith on this fountain of youth. The anti-aging properties of ionized drinking water are just one of five health benefits from alkaline water. The rest include the ability to fight off cancer, improving digestion leading to weight loss, making drinks taste better, and detoxification.

When you look for facts on how antioxidant-rich water can fend off aging, what you get is an explanation on how it handles so-called ‘free radicals.’ Free radicals are responsible for the aging process. Independent and individual testing has shown people drinking alkaline water by using it for a long time followed by a period of no use for several weeks. These individuals noticed changes where their skin appeared seemingly duller.

Another benefit of the water is fighting off cancer. This one has many studies backing it up especially on mice and rats. Korean scientists tested both tap water and this antioxidant rich water on rats with tumors. The control group that had a tap water diet showed no change in tumor growth while the ones assigned with alkaline ionized drinking water had their tumors reduce in size over time. While this doesn’t prove anything for humans, it offers some hope for the cancer fighting property of alkaline water.

For more information on other illnesses that alkaline water combats, review the bawell water fountain website. From there, you’ll learn that alkaline water helps with weight loss through better digestion. Once again, no actual experiment can back up this benefit. However, most of the accounts tell us what we already know like how water in general aids weight loss and if paired with a healthy diet and exercise, would lead to success. You can experiment on this benefit for yourself and set the record straight.

The fourth benefit is when it comes to making  tea or coffee better. An experiment proves that this water even in a cold state can still absorb tea better than tap water. The other water used in the test was lukewarm tap water and as expected, didn’t allow the tea to soak.

The fifth benefit is detox. Toxins are weak acids and it would make sense that in order to remove them, you’d need to take in something basic or with a higher pH like alkaline drinks. Not a lot of experiments show alkaline actively neutralizing toxins, but there are countless demos on how adding alkaline water to acid changes the pH to a healthier level. The bottom line is to do your own tests and conduct a personal investigation to see or prove for yourself the benefits of switching to this beneficial water.

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