Alkaline Ionized Water and Soymilk Great for Weight Loss


Alkaline Ionized Water and Soymilk Great for Weight LossYou’ve heard how water, coffee, and tea are great weight-loss drinks with many health benefits. It’s also a well-known fact that the last two liquids can stain your teeth. Though there are always teeth whitening kits and treatments, you can’t always rely on them. Bleaching can do more harm than good–and even regular water isn’t purely harmless. Soymilk and alkaline ionized water, in contrast, have the same benefits but none of the disadvantages. Neither will keep you awake, and in fact both promote better sleep so you can stay up during the daytime.

Soymilk and ionized drinking water aid weight loss through sleep. If you lack adequate sleep, your body compensates by having you feast on everything in sight. Those trying to lose weight know this fact very well but still don’t invest in 8-hour naps. Some have sleeping disorders but soymilk can help with that. It’s even ideal for those with lactose intolerance. Most people find the soy flavor unpleasant but some like it instantly.

Higher-pH water is also the perfect detox liquid. Some people brave detox diets thinking that they’re going to lose weight in a short time-frame. This sneaking suspicion is accurate but the fact is they’ll slowly gain the weight back after returning to normal eating habits. The purpose of a detox is to clean your system only temporarily. When you decide to eat healthy or choose a vegan lifestyle, but want a clean slate then detox is a likely fix, but only as a starting point.

Detox diets are often extreme and can be dangerous. You’d need to consult your doctor before going ahead with it. Drinking bawell water is a much safer option. It’s just water but it has the right pH balance to help flush toxins out of your system. Moreover, there is no expiration date for this water. You can drink alkaline water along with consuming alkaline foods for life. Soymilk is an alkaline drink, lasts far longer than dairy milk, and as a high-pH drink pairs well with ionized drinking water.

Weight loss consists of eating clean and training regularly. Again, this is where soymilk and a bawell alkaline drinking water filter system come in . Eating clean means preparing and consuming food that’s not processed. The more natural the food, the cleaner you’re eating. Soymilk goes through less processing than skimmed milk and can be even cheaper.  Water, however, gets better from filter treatments. Even if you have fresh mountain spring water flowing out of the faucet, its ionized version has a finer quality.

If you find it difficult to make the switch because you don’t like the taste of Soymilk or don’t think that drinking ionized water makes all the difference, remember that weight loss centers on discipline. Discipline, in turn, may consist in part of doing something you don’t feel like doing at first, though in the end your body will thank you for it. So, do something that your body will thank you for in the future and switch to Soymilk and healthy alkaline ionized water.

This article sponsored by Bacteriostatic Water.

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