11 Things Every Boy Wishes On His First Date


First of all, the boy is going to be nervous. That is often the initial mood that sets in as either anxiety or very forward behavior. Regardless, that boy is definitely looking for something. Being attracted to someone sexually when you are a teenager is unfamiliar but alluring. There are natural temptations for the boy to “score”. This would mean they ended up having sex together sometimes. Sure, that is something a boy wants on his first, second, or third date. It is a natural drive. Teenagers are all about intimacy and exploration.

He Wants a Kiss
Surely the boy has had a kiss before or has he? If he has not had a kiss from the gender of choice before, he will be seeking at least a kiss. This shows him that he is wanted and that the girl wants him. Nothing has to go too much further because that intimacy of the kiss will last for months in that boy’s mind.

He Wants to be Seen with Her
For many boys, a first date is a nervous thing. However, he will a bit more comfortable if he is seen with his new girl. For example, consider the prom. When that happens, a boy is definitely looking for more than just a little play time and an outing.

He wants to be seen on an Intimate Level
To him, she is an icon of beauty and more in his life and he yearns to be accepted in all sorts of ways. Perhaps he may even wish to become intimate.

Intimacy and Being Seen
When intimacy becomes involved on the sexual level, he will definitely want to be seen with his “girlfriend” as often as possible to establish dominance.

He Wants her to Know Him
Boys and men have a tendency to talk about themselves a great deal. Girls don’t necessarily like this. Sure, she would like to get to know you. Visit to get more tips.

She Wants You to Listen
You must listen to her first about her desires and wishes if you want even a kiss.

Knowing Him
When you do that, she will want to know you. When she starts asking questions about you, she is interested in you.

He Wants to Feel Loved
Ultimately, a boy wants to feel loved. He wants to feel like you want him. This does not mean he is going to do anything inappropriate. In fact, her probably respects you too much for that.

He Wants to Feel Attractive
Most boys want to feel like they are attractive. You will see teenagers dressing up in all sorts of clothes and makeup for a reason:

Boys want Activity
They are trying to mark their “tribes” Boys want not only to feel sexually attractive, but they want sex. This is not always appropriate at a young age.

He Wants to have Sex
Ultimately, the boy wishes for sex, for what sex feels like, to finally make a connection. There are too many hormones driving for this to be appropriate except on a personal level.

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