8 Cocktails You Must Try Today


Cocktails are some of the most delicious drinks on the face of the earth. The joy of cocktails is that there are hundreds of different combinations and flavours to choose from. It might be a challenge to find only a few that you like because the temptation is to try them all.

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Read this helpful guide to the eight best cocktails that you should try today. Bars in Perth will serve these drinks.

Gin And Tonic

This is a classic cocktail which is extremely easy to make and is very refreshing. The gin is topped up with tonic water, plus a slice of lemon. Getting the balance right is a matter of personal taste because some people will prefer the sharpness of the gin more than other people.

Gin is slowly becoming one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. It used to be seen as something that only old ladies would drink, but now attitudes have changed and it has become cool. Perth CBD bars make a very good gin and tonic.

Long Island Ice Tea

The long island ice tea is another classic cocktail which is becoming increasingly popular. There are several different ingredients in the Long Island Ice Tea. The most popular version of the drink calls for an equal mix of vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec. Sour mix is added as well as a dash of Coca-Cola.


The Basilico is a sweet and fruity cocktail. It mixes fruit liquor with citron vodka for a sharp and sweet taste which will tantalise the taste buds. This is topped off with strawberry and a mint garnish. Visit for a range of delicious cocktails.

Gold Rush

Some people like their cocktails quite sweet, so the Gold Rush is a real treat. The mixture of whisky, honey syrup and lemon juice will warm you up as well as giving your taste buds a sweet treat. The combination of different flavours can be altered depending on how much whisky is poured into the glass.

Espresso Martini

The Martini was made famous in the James Bond films. He would ask for it to be served shaken not stirred. The espresso martini is a modern twist on this classic and is the perfect blend of caffeine and alcohol. This is the perfect drink for people who want to perk themselves up on a night out if they feel that their energy levels are flagging.

New Brunswick

This is for people who like their cocktails to be sharp and tangy. This is definitely a cocktail that demands attention with every sip. Grapefruit juice is mixed with rye whisky before the drink is sweetened by some vermouth.

Tuscan Breeze

As the name suggests, this cocktail has an Italian flavour. It uses the spirit Amaro, which is then mixed with Gin, grapefruit juice and rosemary syrup for a truly unique taste.

Rum Swizzle

The rum swizzle is the national drink of Bermuda. This is made with rum, orange and pineapple juice.

Use this guide to try some delicious cocktails.

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