7 Tips To Lose Weight In One Week


Wishing to shed the extra pounds overnight is irrational and cannot be accomplished unless you take on some unnatural methods or adipex diet pills. Even piling up your cabinet with several products that claim to make you rapidly slim does not provide sustained weight loss and usually is a waste of money. However, it is possible to lose weight naturally in a short time by making some habitual changes in your daily life.

Losing weight fast can seem difficult but it is definitely achievable. Burning all of your fat in one night is only wishful thinking, but if you are dedicated and follow some certain rules regularly, it is possible to lose weight within a week. A weeklong devotion is enough to drop a few pounds and if you grow these tips as your habit, then the weight loss will be persistent evermore. Here are the 7 tips to lose weight in one week.

Pasta with tomatoesAvoid white bread and pasta

White grain foods are high in carbohydrates which is not a good add on to a dieter’s meal. Carbs found in foods like spaghetti, white rice etc, can cause weight gain, particularly in the belly area. Foods high in carbohydrates are digested in a short time, which results in more hunger. As a result, cutting down in consumption of such foods can help in losing weight. Not sure what to make? Discover some low carb recipes.

Drink lemon with warm water

Start your day with a glass of lemon juice with warm water and it will assist in losing more pounds. The properties of lemon help in losing weight and mixing it with warm water boosts our ability to burn down calories.

RunningIt’s all about the cardio

Cardio exercise is a great inclusion in weight loss routines. It is a workout that increases our heart rate which results in burning fat. Perform 20 or 30 minutes of cardio regularly to achieve the fitness. Cardio workouts including high intensity interval training workout works best in burning extra fat. Other than helping in weight loss, it has several more benefits.

Drink coffee

A cup of coffee before your exercise routine can boost up your energy during the workout secession, resulting in more calorie burn.


Make food sacrifices

Do not indulge in fat foods, wild food recipes, or unhealthy snacks in between the meals that only adds up more calories and are no help in your weight loss plan. Stick to foods that are high in nutritious value and keeps your tummy full for longer. Choose from the list to eat but stay fit.

healthy breakfastDo not skip Breakfast

Eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast to avoid overeating in the rest of the meals of the day. Skipping breakfast is never helpful in losing pounds. In fact, it may contribute in adding up more calorie consumption.

Drink lots of water

Last but not the least, drink lots of water throughout the day. Water is the best drink to slim down. It makes you feel full and helps in eating less. Drinking a glass of water before every meal can result in fewer consumption of calories. It can be hard to drink more water if your body is not adjusted to it, so here are five tips to drink more water.

Follow the above tips on a daily basis and you will feel a preferable change in your weight within a week. It doesn’t take much, a little bit of determination and will power can help you fit into smaller sized jeans in a short time.

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