7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Desserts


We all know how healthy vegetables and certain grains are, but did you know it can be beneficial to eat dessert? Treats comprised of natural ingredients and flavors are one option, as are those dripping in luscious sweetness. Some of the most popular desserts, including pumpkin and sweet potato pie, chocolate covered berries, and frozen yogurt, are actually loaded with good-for-you nutrients. Glazed nuts and fruitcakes are also healthy to eat on occasion.


Here are a few surprising benefits that eating desserts will give you.

1. Excellent nutrients

Lovers of sweets can rejoice over the news that many desserts contain vitamins and nutrients that are good for the body. This is especially true when it comes to calcium and vitamin D rich foods, such as ice cream and certain fruit pies. Many desserts also contain fiber, which is key to good digestion. To make eating dessert easier on your wallet as well as your health, get a coupon code before ordering out.

2. You won’t crash your diet

It happens so often: someone on a diet does well and avoids all sweets and cheat foods for weeks, and then suddenly binges on junk food. Including dessert in your diet each week will avoid sudden fall outs and can actually help keep you on track. When you don’t feel deprived, you’re more likely to eat healthy foods.

3. Wonderful fruits

Fruits are fabulous for your body, as they boost the immune system, provide fiber, and are full of vitamins and nutrients. Fruits can also be a dessert option, whether you eat it alone or in a more indulgent form, such as with pudding, chocolate, or gelato.

4. Sweets boost happiness

Who doesn’t get happy at the thought of enjoying a sweet treat every now and then? Eating dessert in moderation can boost your serotonin levels — that’s the brain chemical that stimulates feelings of well-being and happiness. As long as you eat it on occasion rather than for every meal, dessert can provide the feel-good boost that you need.

5. Some treats are heart healthy

You may have heard that chocolate is good for you, and there is some truth to that. Chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, but the key to enjoying this dessert is ensuring that you’re eating real chocolate — the artificial kind won’t benefit your heart, brain, or body. Chocolate that contains fruits or nuts is a plus.

6. Defeating sluggishness

One of the downsides of dieting is feeling sluggish, but the carbs and sugar contained in dessert can combat that. Due to the nutrients in fruit and fiber-rich desserts, you’ll find that you feel more satisfied and balanced by partaking in the occasional sweet.

7. You’ll be encouraged to work out

If you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you know that it’s possible to work off the calories that you consume. After eating dessert, you’ll feel motivated to walk, run, or lift weights to keep your body goals on track.

Everything is better in moderation, and the same goes for sweets. However, the notion that you should never have dessert after a meal or as a treat is false. The next time you start feeling guilty about having dessert, put those thoughts aside and indulge.

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