5 Ways To Get More From Every Workout You Do


So you’ve been hitting the gym consistently for a few weeks now and are likely feeling pretty good about some of the progress you’ve seen. It appears like you finally might just be on your way to something great.

But, what can you do now to ensure that you are on a path to long-term success?

For most people, there are one or two small tweaks they can make to their workout program that will help ensure they see the best possible results over the long term.

These small adjustments aren’t hard to do, but can make the difference between mediocre results and truly great results.

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Ready to learn more?

Let’s look at five ways that you can get more from every workout you do.

Psych Yourself Up

While you may not need to spend an hour psyching yourself up like a boxer would before a big fight, taking five to ten minutes prior to your workout session to watch a few motivational videos, reviewing your goals, figuring out what you want to accomplish that particular workout session and listening to some motivational music can go a long way towards improving your performance.

Don’t underestimate the power of your frame of mind going into a workout session. When it comes to hitting new personal bests, it becomes both a physical as well as a mental feat.

Supplement With A High Quality Whey

Fueling yourself properly before and after a workout is a must if you want to give your body the raw materials it needs to exercise with intensity and repair/rebuild your muscle after the workout is completed.

A quality whey product will do just that. Take a whey isolate immediately following your workout session to kick-start the repair process.

Studies have demonstrated that consuming whey after training reduces the total degree of muscle tissue breakdown taking place.

Combine this with a fast acting carbohydrate for even better benefits.

Focus On Your Breathing

The next must-do if you are looking to get more from each workout is to focus on your breathing. If you aren’t breathing properly during your lifts, it can lead to sub-optimal pressure and force build-up.

Controlled and conscious breathing can help you dial in during the workout as well, staying more mentally focused on what you’re doing.

Zero In On Mind-Muscle Control

In addition to your breathing, you should also be thinking about the mind-muscle control you’re generating as well. It’s important that you focus on squeezing each muscle fiber at the peak of the contraction and then controlling the movement on the way down.

This will help ensure that you are maximally recruiting the muscle fibers you intend to.

Never let yourself simply ‘go through the movements’ or you may wind up using muscle groups that simply weren’t intended for that exercise.

Get A Spotter

Finally, last but not least, consider getting a spotter. Having someone there to help assist you – if you need it – can also help give you that mental drive you need to get the next level of weight up.

Plus, they will be able to better monitor your form and let you know if anything is off and needs adjusting. Sometimes you may not feel yourself moving out of form, but a good spotter can more easily recognize this.

So there you have five quick tips to know and remember to get more from every workout you do. Are you overlooking any of these?

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