5 Top Recipe Apps For Your iPhone or Android


There have been plenty of app reviews on the top recipe apps recently, so I wanted to bring you something a little different. The following list of top recipe apps consist of some up and coming apps, and apps for different dietary requirements. Also check out the top apps for tracking what you eat.

Top 5 Recipe Apps

spark recipes

Spark Recipes App – iPhone

Price: FREE


Enough of all the meat and rich sauces, what about healthy recipes? Well, here you have an app for iPhone devices that will help you keep to strict diets.

You can instantly get 1000’s of recipes and browse not only by courses and cuisines, but also by dietary requirements. So if you want gluten free, low carb of vegetarian dishes, then there are recipes available for you.


What’s For Dinner? Recipe App – Android

Price: FREE


What’s For Dinner is an app that you can use at the grocery store. It will help you build a shopping list from a selected recipe, and then you can check off items as you shop. This means you can plan meals as far into the future as you want.

BigOven AppBigOven Recipe App  – iPhone

Price: FREE


The BigOven now has even BIGGER food photography to help you get a sense of what your end product should look like.

You can chose to sign up or can use the app as a guest (if you sign-up you will generally get access to plenty of more features).

One of the great features with this app is that you can make dishes from your leftovers. So simply enter three ingredients that are left in your fridge and the app will give you some ideas on what you can make with them.

My Chef Offline Recipe App – Android

Price: FREE


For the final Android app we have chosen the My Chef Offline app which will help you find recipes by cuisines, categories or ingredients.

Under the cuisine, section your find your traditional American, Continental, Thai and Chinese dishes, whilst under the category section you can chose whether to cook main dishes, desserts or create some fantastic beverages. The app also caters for vegetarians.

How To Cook Everything Recipe App – iPhone

How To Cook Everything App

Price: $9.99


Well, we have reached the end of our list of 5 recipe apps. I leave you with an iPhone app which contains 2,000 recipes and 400 how-to illustrations and can be used on both iPhone and iPad devices. It’s also fast as it uses great web hosting and dedicated servers. The app is similar to Cookware Nation.

The extra features on the homepage are technique and equipment training. You will learn how to improve your kitchen skills (such as your knife skills). You can also search by recipes and ingredients, and create your own shopping lists so that you have everything you need in order to create the dishes you have chosen to cook.

Have you tried any recipe apps? We would love to hear about some apps that you think are worthy of making this list.

This article was provided to us by Craig Timmins who works as a regular blogger over at the price comparison site and has a keen interest in cooking.

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