5 Tips to Keep You Healthy This Summer


So the kids are off school and you’ve vowed to take the summer off or at least take those summer hours that your company gives you. What better way to spend your time, than taking care of yourself and getting a little healthier. Hey, it couldn’t hurt right?

Here are 5 tips that will improve your health this summer:

1. Brush Your Teeth 3 Times a Day. Yeah, I know what your thinking. You’re only supposed to brush twice a day. Nope, that’s just the minimum dentist recommended amount. So after lunch, bust out the toothbrush or the Colgate Wisp if you’re on the go and give those pearly whites a little afternoon attention.

2. Wear Sunglasses. Not only are they stylish but they can also block up to 99% of both ultraviolet A and B rays. Whether your driving in your car, sitting at your kids soccer practice, or even at work by the window, that summer sun is brutal and there’s no better way to protect your eyes.

3. Take a hike! No, don’t leave BerryRipe right now, but consider taking your family on a hike this summer. There are usually trails within 30 minutes of you and it’s a great way to keep the body in motion and relax the  mind, unless of course your kids are just complaining about the hike. In that case, leave them at home and let the summer romance blossom between you and your spouse. For the 5 best places to hike, visit Kymtom.

5 tips that will improve your health this summer

4. Go Easy on the alcohol. Summer is a great time to drink. Between the Fourth of July BBQ, the late evening Sangria at the hip restaurant down the street, and the midnight bar hopping, it can be difficult to keep the drinks out of your hands. However, limit yourself to 1-2 drinks a day and sprinkle in a couple of no alcohol days. Your body will thank you later!

5. Follow the L.O.V.E  Super Meal! Live. Organic. Vegan. Energy

Well, there you have it. 5 tips to keep you healthy this summer!

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