5 Tips for Stopping the Cycle of Yo-Yo Weight Loss


If you are an adult who wants or needs to lose weight, chances are you have tried a fad diet or two during your life. From diet plans sold by celebrated fitness gurus to internet dieting trends, there is certainly no shortage of supposed solutions. However, the cycle of weight loss and gain that can come from trying new diets might be harmful, as one study revealed. If you want to step off the yo-yo diet carousel for good, there are several strategies you can use, no matter your weight loss goals.

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1. Work With Your Physician

Many fad diets do not lead to long-term weight loss because they fail to provide the kind of professional support that can be crucial for staying on track. This can be especially important if you are losing weight to help manage a chronic illness, such as type II diabetes. Asking your physician for advice, guidance, and information about a nutrition plan that can help you with weight loss is more likely to result in greater weight loss success.

2. Be Consistent With Mealtimes

Some fad diets shun the idea of eating three meals per day and advocate grazing instead. The possible benefits of grazing might be helpful to some, but it can be harmful if you do not consume enough calories daily. Over time, eating too little can deprive your body of the nutrients it needs and cause it to retain fat, which could interfere with weight loss. Eating sensible meals at the same time each day and focusing on nutrient-dense foods can help you shed those extra pounds.

3. Include Water in Every Meal Plan

Proper hydration can support almost any kind of meal plan, so you may want to consider kicking diet soda to the curb and replacing it with water. Drink a glass in the morning before your workout, before a meal to help you feel fuller, and when you crave salty or savory snacks, as filling up on water can help you overcome these temporary desires. If you take supplements, such as those offered by the Le-Vel Thrive brand, drinking a full glass of water with each dose may help your body absorb the nutrients with more efficiency.


4. Make Changes Slowly

Some fad diets set you up for failure right from the start because they require a major overhaul of your meal plan instead of allowing you to make small changes that help you get used to eating healthy foods in moderation. This is not only potentially overwhelming, but it may cause digestive upset that urges you to give up the diet after a few days.

Making small changes allows your body to adjust to new foods and flavors. For example, you can start out by replacing your morning high-calorie iced mocha with a natural, electrolyte-infused flavored water or that filled pastry with a protein bar. When these changes become habit, you can move ahead and make more until you have purged fattening foods from your diet completely.

5. Pick and Choose Supplements Carefully

Some vitamin and probiotic supplements can boost your daily diet and help you with weight loss. However, it is wise to research your choices to gauge whether they make a good choice for your body’s individual needs and concerns. For example, reading Lev-El Reviews before trying the company’s supplements and patches can give you a better understanding of what they offer and how they may or may not fit in with your weight loss goals.

The vicious cycle of losing and gaining back weight with fad diets is often discouraging and leads to feelings of personal failure and disappointment. However, practicing moderation and making eventual changes to your eating habits can help you onto the path of making positive weight loss choices and reaching your target weight.

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