5 Tips for Beginner Vegetarians


tips for beginner vegetariansCongratulations! You’ve decided to become a vegetarian. Making a lifestyle change is a major decision. Thankfully, this particular transformation has many rewards, including decreased cholesterol and blood pressure and the reduced risk for certain cancers and diabetes. Even with the potential for great benefits, you want to be prepared for your journey, maximizing your efforts and preparing for success. Here are 5 tips to help you thrive as a beginner vegetarian:

5 Tips for Beginner Vegetarians

1. Be Prepared – Preplanning your meals will help you to stay on track. Create a list of meal options for each day, or the entire week, to help you get started. Then remember to focus less on what you’re no longer eating and more on the great food options that are available to you. Try to avoid the common mistakes when becoming vegetarian.

2. Add Variety – Don’t be afraid to try new things. Adding new fruits, veggies and recipes to your diet will help keep meals fresh and exciting. Eating foods of various colors will ensure that you’re getting balanced nutrients as well.

3. Bring on the Flavor – Adding fresh herbs & spices to your meals will definitely enhance your eating experience.

4. Surround Yourself with Encouragement – Be sure to surround yourself with a community of vegetarians, and other wonderful people, who will support your new lifestyle. The BerryRipe community is a great place to start!

5. Be Gentle -It may take your body a little while to adjust to your new lifestyle. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables readily available to combat unexpected hunger pains.  Show yourself some compassion, be your own cheerleader and keep moving forward on your new journey.

There are endless vegetarian meal options just waiting for you to explore. Be creative with every meal and enjoy your new, healthful lifestyle.

This post was written by Tracie Braylock, MSN, BSN, RN. She is a Holistic Health Nurse Educator, Consultant & Writer, and Founder of This Holistic Life which provides Mind, Body & Spirit Therapies and Holistic Health Coaching, Consulting & Education Services.

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