5 Reasons Why I Love My New (Used) Bike!


I finally had the time to look for a decent bike I could use to commute around my lovely city of Chicago.  After a couple of test rides, I decided on a used Trek hybrid that was in pretty good condition. Now, I love to bike around whenever I get a chance (although dealing with crazy car drivers is no joke). Below I have listed 5 reasons why biking is awesome.Riding a bike to work

1. No more waiting for pesky public transportation! Yes, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) public transit bus and train tracker is…helpful, but I usually end up waiting anywhere between five and twenty minutes for buses. That’s time I could use doing more important things!

2. What gym membership? If I’m biking around town every day, then what’s the purpose of paying for exercise I am already getting? Biking, without a doubt, contributes to a healthy lifestyle!

Stuck in car traffic


3. Sometimes, it really is faster than driving. During traffic jams or busy intersections (quite common in Chicago), I usually end up at my destination a lot earlier than I would had I decided to drive. And parking is a lot easier as well!

4. Cheaper than buying a car.  And paying for gas. And insurance.

5. Ride Green!  The most IMPORTANT of them all–the environmental impact of riding a bike is significantly less than driving, as well as less than using public transportation. No gas fumes, no pollution, no extensive manufacturing process…need I need say more?

Helpful Links:

Ride the City – A great tool for planning your bike route in the city.

See you on the bike path.  🙂

    • Beer Tasting
    • October 7, 2012

    I am lucky to live in the countryside, so on good days a group of us cycle between pubs to sample beers. Well, drink more than sample, but you get he idea. And by cycling we can leave the cars behind so do not need to have a designated driver sipping water all day. And then the excersise burns off the calories. Its win-win on a bike. (unless it rains)

    • Chris
    • October 7, 2012

    Yes, it’s very good to use a bike. I especially like reason number 2 and 4. The only problem for me is, it would take me 3-4 hours to get to work by bike, but otherwise I would love to do it.

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