5 Misconceptions About Detox


Abuse is consuming billions of public funds in a bid to save over 20 million people affected by addiction in America. Stigma and social misinformation prevents programs such as rehabilitation and detox to succeed. This article will focus on common misconceptions about drug and alcohol detox.

drug addiction

They are prohibitively expensive, and they don’t accept health insurance

Today, there are detox and rehab centers that can suit people of all lifestyles. There are luxury detox centers that are expensive. The level of luxury in such facilities is very high, but you don’t need the luxury to recover. In fact, detox is a step towards recovery, not the outcome. Other detox programs near your location focus on a decent lifestyle. They are affordable and accept several payment options including insurance and rehab co-pay programs.

They will isolate you away from the family

Good detox centers understand the need to have a good support network. Just like medical detox centers, they allow family and friends to contact you. Unless it is discovered that isolation will help you cut contact with suppliers and people who can negatively influence you, there is no way the detox clinic staff will isolate you. If your health is good, you can always contact your family, interact with them, seek their support, and enjoy a good time with them. Some court-ordered programs may request isolation.

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I will lose my job and reputation

Stigma is a major concern for most people who want to quit. It can be painful for people trying to recover. In fact, people who have seen the bad effects of drugs are supportive of addicts because they know the experience. Concerning your job, your employer cannot fire you for checking into a rehab center. The Family Medical Leave Act protects you from any work absence related to your health.

All treatments are the same

The standard 12-step is not imposed on detox facilities. They are free to provide comprehensive treatment programs as they see fit. Besides, good facilities will deal with each case individually. You don’t have to hit rock bottom for them to consider you for admission. If they don’t have what it takes to help you, they should refer you to another facility. Some use drugs to help you with withdrawal symptoms. Others use an alternative therapy, which also works. It is good to evaluate each program carefully to see if it fits your values and philosophies.

Detox is enough: I can take it from there

Rehabilitation is a process and not a miracle cure. Though it can be enough for people with mild addictions levels, it is not always enough. You need a continuous program that will help you with long-term sobriety. Cold turkey efforts may be sufficient in some people, but they are highly ineffective. In fact, almost all addicts have tried it at least once in life but did not succeed.


The detoxification process is comprehensive and safe. It also works to bring all support systems to make your rehabilitation experience an effective one. It should not cost you a fortune or your job. It can be a challenging time due to stigma and withdrawal symptoms, but with commitment and dedication, the results are worth the effort.

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