4 Gadgets You Should Have in Your Kitchen for Healthy Living


Cooking is one of many day-to-day activities that take place in our lives. This is because eating is something that we have to do just about every day in order to keep our bodies active and healthy. While some people thoroughly enjoy cooking, there are others who have very little interest in it but do it because eating out every day is relatively expensive. Irrespective of what category you fall into, there are ways to make cooking quicker and more exciting, and one is by using gadgets to cook. There are, therefore, certain items that every person who enjoys cooking should consider having in their kitchen. This article will look at a few that you could consider if you’re looking for ways of making your meal preparations a little bit more interesting.

Smoothie Blender

For all of those who are embarking on a healthy eating journey, smoothies seem to be what all the health enthusiasts are raving about now. There are many reasons why they may be becoming increasingly popular which include that they are an easier way to consume fruits and vegetables for some as opposed to eating them the normal way. For others, it’s a quicker way to keep fit on the go as it can be made and thrown into your bag on your way out in the mornings.

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There are ways that smoothies can be unhealthy, so if you’re trying to be fit, you should consider nutrient-dense ones that consist of the vitamins and oils that you need for good nutrition. In addition, you should also think about including dietary fats in your drink which will be burned by your body to give you the energy that you need to keep you going throughout the day. Typically, a healthy smoothie should contain egg yolks, coconut oil, cream or any other nutrient-dense food. On this note, these are some reasons that you should consider getting yourself a smoothie blender. You don’t necessarily have to overspend on a new one as there are quality and affordable blenders that you can get within your budget. One example is a Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender which is quiet, small, self-cleaning and can blend just about anything. There are several others you’ll find on the market that are high-end and will blend your smoothies to perfection.

Snow Cone Machine

Drinking water is a necessity as it offers tons of health benefits for you. Some of them include improved complexion, fewer dehydration spells, smooth digestion, its ability to flush toxins out of your system, feeling bloated less and having more energy when you work out. These are just a few amongst many benefits of drinking water. Even though there are so many health benefits, some people still don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. For some, it’s because they can’t seem to find the time, while others just hate the taste of water. If you happen to be one of these kinds of people, why not consider getting a snow cone machine? This may especially encourage you to drink water if you like ice. An effective machine has the ability to shave ice cubes into snow cones, take up to 2.7 gallons of water at a time, and it may even make an attractive addition to your kitchen as well. You may find that by filling your water with ice, you’ll be more incentivized to take in more of it. You should, of course, consider leaving out the flavoring as once you add it, you’re no longer drinking water. On the other hand, you’ve got to live a little so there’s nothing wrong with bringing out your inner child and enjoying a colorful snow cone on a hot day every now and then.

Pressure Cooker

If you don’t already have one yourself, it is likely that you’ve heard a lot about pressure cookers. If you haven’t, they are airtight pots which enable food to be cooked quicker as a result of the steam pressure. They seem to be an attractive addition to have in the kitchen due to the ease and quickness in which meals can be cooked. This is especially for people who always tend to be on the go because of manic work schedules, busy parent, or those who hate spending hours on end in the kitchen cooking. You should also know that if you’re a healthy food enthusiast, there are several healthy meals that can be made using a pressure cooker. For one, you can make some nourishing soups and stews. You could decide to try tomato basil soup which includes ingredients such as bone broth, healthy fats, natural vitamin C, and lycopene in tomatoes. Additionally, you may want to try Mexican beef stew, lamb roast with potatoes, chicken Tikka Masala, and instant pot jambalaya.

You’d be amazed at how many meals you can actually throw together using a pressure cooker and how much time you’ll save in the process of doing so. In case you’re wondering whether or not these efficient cookers will kill the nutrients, you should know that pressure cookers don’t rubberize your meats or zap the flavor out of your vegetables. On the contrary, they are said to preserve the nutritional value of your foods as the high heat, intensity of the pressure and reduced cooking times helps reduce the vitamin and mineral loss that can be associated with other traditional cooking methods.


Cast-iron skillets are said to be a great tool or gadget that you can make to prepare yourself or your family healthy meals. Some of the benefits of using a skillet are that you tend to use less oil, you avoid harmful chemicals, and it enables you to get a little more iron in your diet. Although it is primarily used for frying, it’s ability to retain heat is what makes it somewhat a healthy tool to cook with. This is because you can also use water-based methods like braising, poaching, quick broiling and grilling which don’t require much oil. Some dishes you can throw together include egg, spinach and mushroom skillet; honey, mustard and rosemary chicken; shrimp parmesan pasta; and teriyaki chicken and pineapple rice.

Healthy eating is a good habit that has the potential of evolving into a lifestyle with time. It isn’t always an easy journey, however, creativity and your ability to try new things can go a long way. By buying yourself gadgets and items to use inside of the kitchen, you can diversify the types of food you make as well as making cooking faster and more efficient.

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