5 Foods to Boost Your Immunity

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Eating foods that are good for you is important for general health. When it comes to being sick, there are things that help your body to recover more quickly or to prevent significant illness from causing a worse reaction. There are certain foods that can boost the body’s immunity and ability to fight off an illness quickly.

Eating a balanced diet is important to staying healthy, as that helps the immune system and the other systems of the body to function optimally. However, there are certain foods that should be included in your diet particularly during flu season or at times when you are ill. These foods give your body a bigger boost then normal, and that is important when it is already attempting to fight infection.



Garlic contains allicin, which helps boost the immune system. This makes fighting off infection more effective and allows the body to recover quickly from an illness, compared to when the body does not have allicin. This also helps decrease the body’s risk of cancer, which is important to many people.


Healthy bacteria are present in yogurt. While it is possible to get these in supplement form, it is also less effective in that manner. When you eat the live cultures found in yogurt, your intestines are cleaned of bacteria that can cause infection. They also help with the bacteria that impacts the stomach.

Chicken Soup

When chicken is cooked, cysteine is released. When cooked as soup and the broth is kept, this provides a block against white cells that are inflammed, which typically move to the bronchial tubes. This is what causes most of the symptoms related to the flu. Therefore, eating chicken soup when you are sick helps you to decrease the symptoms and help the body recover faster.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes provide beta carotene, which the body processes into Vitamin A. That vitamin is good for the skin, which provides the first barrier against bacteria and viruses. The vitamin is important to the production of connective tissue, which is important to the skin. Skin rejuvenates regularly and the connective tissue is important to that success.


Mushrooms have been shown to increase the white blood cell production of the body, which in turn helps the body fight infection. For those who eat mushrooms daily, the benefits are maximized and the immune system receives a significant boost.

These foods can help your body through a challenging infection, decreasing your down time by a matter of days. It can also help to ensure you do not get dehydrated and require a hospital stay to get healthy again once you are ill.

This means you will miss less time at work and not suffer financially and in other areas of your life. Therefore, throwing a few of these foods in with your regular diet preferences can mean a big difference and allow you better health and a more reliable response during a season of heavy illness. This is great if you work in environments where you are regularly exposed to these illnesses.

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