5 Drinks to Boost Your Immune System


Nourishing your immune system is important year round, especially during cold and flu season. Very few people have time to be sick, and those who do have time would rather not be sick. Your nutrition and lifestyle influence how well your immune system functions. While you can’t always avoid viruses and bacteria, you can infuse your immune system with natural boosters through the foods you eat and the liquids you drink. Here are five excellent, easy and tasty drinks for immune system support:

5 Drinks to Boost Your Immune System

beet juice1.      Beet Juice. Beets are an amazing super food with a host of health benefits. The compounds found in beet juice cleanse the blood, nourish the brain and strengthen the liver along with providing solid immune support. Beet juice is sweet yet earthy, so if you’re not crazy about the taste, try adding a carrot, apple or pear to your juicer. Don’t go overboard, though — beet juice works extremely well as a laxative and can turn your stool red temporarily.

2.      White Tea. Studies have shown that white tea has higher immune-boosting properties than green tea. While green tea is still an excellent option, going for the white variety can give you an extra kick. In addition to warding off viruses and bacteria, white tea interferes with fungi’s ability grow. It has a mild, sweet flavor, so you can enjoy it plain or add a dab of pure maple syrup to increase the sweetness.

3.      Apple Cider Vinegar. Ok, so this one may not meet the tasty qualification, but you can improve the taste with a bit of honey, lemon juice or maple syrup. Apple cider vinegar has long been heralded by naturalists as a miracle drink, and not without good reason. A couple of tablespoons daily will give your immune system a nice boost, as well as deliver vital nutrients to your body. Some prefer to take it like medicine and get it over with, while others actually enjoy the strong, tart taste. We think mixing it into a tea-like brew is the easiest and most pleasant way to get the benefits.

4.      Elderberry Tea. Elderberry tea is incredibly potent against the H1N1 flu virus, especially if you start drinking it the moment you first notice cold or flu-like symptoms. It’s also effective against other types of viruses and provides the immune system with enough support so it can do its job. It tastes like dried berries or fruit — some compare it with a non-sweet raisin flavor.

5.      Lemon Juice. Fresh lemon juice that you squeeze yourself is best for immune system power. Lemon juice’s high vitamin C content makes it a powerful ally when viruses and bacteria are on the rampage. Mixing it into a light, warm lemonade can be both soothing and relaxing, but you’ll still get the immune benefits if you drink it cold. Drink it on its own or add it to one of the other drinks listed for a super drink.

For a full service of fruits and veggies, also look into Nuriche. Remember that prevention is easier and wiser than trying to cure something once you have it. Alternate using these five drinks throughout the year, and you’ll likely notice yourself getting sick far less often.

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