5 Antioxidants to Help Combat Aging


Many people go to varying lengths to fight the signs of aging: surgeries, supplements, excessive exercise and even medication, to name a few.

It’s just part of life and although you can’t fight if forever, you can certainly give it a go.


This is why holistic medicines and natural remedies might be the healthiest solution for your body. There are tons of beneficial ingredients that are packed with antioxidants, a key ingredient in the fight against aging.


This herb has grown in popularity over the past year. Not only is turmeric readily available in grocery stores and easily applied to dishes, it is packed with antioxidants which will protect and repair your cells. Healthy cells mean healthy skin, and may be just the ticket to keep those wrinkles at bay.


Ginger is a bit of a wonder-cure for many age-related issues. It promotes hair growth due to the fatty acids which combat circulation, as well as holding around 40 antioxidants, improving elasticity in the skin. It is the most popular drunk raw in tea but can also be added to meals and made into lotions.


One unique aid in the fight to stay young is CBD oil. Its growth in popularity over the past few years have seen people use it for a variety of reasons, including lotions for treating skin. Cope CBD is a hemp farm in Colorado that grow hemp plants that can be used to create oils and beauty products which contain antioxidants. There is still a lot of scientific research that needs to be done to determine the full range of benefits that CBD can provide, but what has been shown so far looks promising. Make sure to check your state legislation before purchasing.


As one of nature’s best natural medicines, honey is proven to be incredibly good for you. It’s anti-inflammatory, full of antioxidants, moisturizes the skin and is rich in nutrients. All of these qualities are vital for slowing the aging process. There are a lot of different forms of honey and it’s best to choose something that is organic in order to avoid products with added sugar. Best used in tea, drinks or in lotion form, it’s also worth noting that Manuka honey comes with some extra amazing health benefits, although it is a little more expensive.


Perhaps the first place you might go for your daily dose of vitamin C and antioxidants are oranges. They are enriched with nutrients that will help nail growth, keep your hair healthy and replenish the collagen in your skin. Collagen is the protein that essentially keeps your skin looking fresh and youthful. You can buy serums and lotions that contain collagen extracts, which is ideal for incorporating into your daily skin care routine.

In all instances, it’s recommended to check up on allergies or any conditions that might react with anti-aging substances. The substances in this article are ideal for those seeking natural solutions, however, make sure to seek professional advice if you are unsure on what might work for you.

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