4 Best Types of Coffee You Can Make At Home


For most of us it is utterly impossible to kick-start our day without our beloved cuppa of steaming coffee.This strong-smelling beverage feels intoxicating and keeps us coming back to coffee shops just to feel the strong breeze gush through our nostrils. Today we shall share four of the most popular coffee recipes which can be made at home to tingle your taste buds and cater to your health requirements at the same time.

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  • Black Coffee

This low in fat coffee comes with an array of antioxidants which aid in protecting your health. Although drinking excess quantities of such beverage has often been linked with certain risks, it can play a beneficial role if consumed in limited quantum.  An 8-ounce of black coffee contains 2 calorie units and just 0 grams of fat. It also contains tiny dosage of calcium which paves the way for strong bones while potassium maintains regular heartbeat. The fat and calorie count might increase a bit if you add some sugar and cream with the black coffee. While making black coffee, you need to boil the water along with some sugar and coffee powder in a mug. Next you will have to pour in some boiling water and stir till it attains a regular consistency. As an alternative, you can add coffee powder, sugar and water in a microwave safe mug and heat the same for one minute.

  • Bulletproof Coffee

This can be an amazing way of kick-starting your keto meal plan with boosted focus, stimulated metabolism and improved brain function. This serves as the perfect alternative to synthetic flavours and also feels pretty decent to taste with its creamy texture and mild sweetness. This high-performance Bulletproof Coffee imparts a positive effect on your cognitive function and energy at the same time. While preparing it you need to brew one cup of coffee with 2½ teaspoonful of ground coffee beans in filtered water. You can use French Press for preserving the beneficial coffee oils which paper filters cannot keep out. Next you need to add 1 to 2 teaspoons of Brain Octane Oil and same quantum of grass-fed unsalted butter to bring ahead a cup of delicious goodness.

  • Cappuccino

This Italian coffee drink is prepared using steamed milk foam and double espresso. For enjoying this lip-smacking beverage, you need to fill in one third of a steaming metal pitcher with cold milk. Eliminate the residual water by releasing steam from the wand and thereby start the jet by dipping the steaming wand’s tip into the milk. The volume of milk increases paired with the rising foam. Now you should lower the pitcher with the tip submerged and tilt it to create a vortex. The milk has to be heated unless it reaches 65 degrees and doubles in volume. You have to compress the foam by tapping the pitcher base. The milk has to be poured directly into the cup aiming first for the center and then continuing the same towards the outer rim in a circular motion.

  • Latte

This milk coffee is made using two-thirds of heated milk, one-third espresso and 1cm of foam in a heated saucepan. A wire whisk can be used for briskly whipping the mixture and finally the milk has to be poured by holding back the foam which has to be spooned over the top.

Paired with the right instruments and tactics, you can brew various coffee styles to match your mood whether you wish to cuddle with a story book during those wintry nights or meet up with friends after a long time.

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