4 Benefits of Busting Out the Yoga Mat


benefits of yogaIf you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, yoga may be the perfect form of exercise for you. There are many benefits of Yoga, which also has a number of health benefits associated with its countless poses and stretches. In order to get the most out of your yoga workout, though, you first need to invest in a yoga mat. Doing yoga without a mat can actually be detrimental to your health.

These are a few reasons why you should always use a yoga mat when practicing yoga.

1. Benefits of Yoga: Get A Good Grip

Some transitions from one pose to another can lead to the possibility of losing your balance or slipping. A yoga mat is there to provide the proper traction needed to perform the variety of transitions in between poses. One of the main ideas of yoga is concentrating on your breathing, but if you’re worrying mostly about whether you’ll be able to transition from one pose to the next without slipping and getting hurt, you’re most likely not going to be able to focus on your breathing pattern.

2. Benefits of Yoga: Better Your Balance

One of the goals of practicing yoga is to gain an improved balance. Having the proper yoga mat can actually help improve your balance. Your yoga mat will offer more support for your feet, as it sinks just slightly to allow your feet to remain firmly planted as you twist and stretch into a new pose. The softness of the mat also allows your feet to move more easily, to roll with ease as you make the transition to another pose.

3. Benefits of Yoga: Avoid Pains

One major important quality of your yoga mat is that it should provide a cushion for your body. Practicing yoga can be harmful to your health if done on a hard surface. When you’re doing poses that require you to lay on the floor, a cushion is key to preventing back problems or other health issues that may arise from not using a yoga mat. Yoga is also meant to help you relax, and it’s awfully hard to relax when your bony butt is digging in to the hardwood floor.

benefits of busting out the yoga mat

4. Benefits of Yoga: Keep Your Muscles In Check

If working on a hard floor, you’re increasing your chances of letting your muscles power down. More often than not, hard floors are cold. Cold temperatures prevent your muscles from performing the proper stretching techniques needed for this type of exercise. The yoga mat keeps a layer between you and the floor, allowing your muscles to remain in good shape for stretching from pose to pose.

Yoga is great for stress relief as well as physical health, but it’s important to have the right materials. The only sort of exercise equipment really necessary to do basic yoga is a yoga mat. Yoga mats are reasonably priced, as well. As always, before you begin stretching your limits, be sure to consult your physician first.


Rose Boettinger provides guest blogging assistance for PFC Fitness Equipment. Visit for yoga mats from Aeromat.

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