3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Bulletproof Coffee


Since its discovery in 9th Century in Ethiopia, coffee has emerged as one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is the second most traded commodity on the earth which is popular for its caffeine content that helps people to wake up.

Coffee has a wide range of offerings that includes Cappuccino, Espresso, Americano, Cafe latte and much more. In the year 2009, a company named Bulletproof developed a new recipe of coffee and made an appearance on Good Morning America and The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon with Bulletproof coffee.

In year 2015 it launched a café named: Stand alone Bulletproof café in Los Angeles and had over six million unique visitors on its website. One of the most prominent reasons behind its popularity is its uses as meal replacement.

Ingredients used in Bulletproof coffee are: upgraded beans, grass fed, unsalted butter and Brain Octane Oil. People often claim that they do not need to eat anything for 5-6 hours after a cup of bulletproof coffee and hence it is being used as a meal replacement which is creating severe metabolism issues.

There are reasons why Bulletproof coffee is not a good idea; here are some of them:

Pro Tip: Invest in a high-quality espresso machine or drip coffee maker rather than going “Bulletproof”.

Down-regulating metabolism

As Bulletproof coffee suppresses the hunger signals, it creates the problem of down-regulating metabolism. Since regular meals are being replaced by this coffee, the metabolism cycle of our body is being interrupted due to lack of nutrient intake that leads to severe health problems.

Down regulated metabolism has severe effect on your wellness, it leads to general weakness, high blood pressure and high sugar level. Chronic fatigue is symptom caused due to low metabolism

Nutrient deficiency

Variety of food is included in our meal to meet the daily need of nutrients that is required by our body; but as this coffee is majorly used as meal replacement, it is reducing the intake of regular food and creating a deficiency of nutrients.

Deficiency of nutrients can cause several health issues in our body; it may result in life threatening diseases. Several nutrients like vitamins mineral, carbohydrates, calcium and fiber optics are required by our body on daily-basis to insure its proper functioning; so, if you reduce the intake of essential nutrients it cause serious issues.

Cholesterol Increase

Bulletproof coffee uses high level of unsaturated fat and the excessive amount of unsaturated fat is not healthy for us. There have been reports of dramatically increasing Cholesterol due to regular consumption of bulletproof coffee.

A cup of Bulletproof coffee contains 2/3 of your daily fat requirement and 200% of recommended amount of saturated fat.

It is easy to be addicted to anything that tastes good and nothing is better than a coffee. You can still enjoy your regular coffee with sugar, cream or black but Bulletproof coffee is a complete no without any ifs or buts.

Now that you know what Bulletproof coffee actually offers, take a second to think what is at stake before taking a sip of your next bulletproof coffee. 

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