3 Popular Cooking Methods For Nutrient-Packed Meals


Despite the prevalence of fast-food chains and junk foods in the country, Americans claim that they follow a healthy diet. According to a survey conducted by NPR and Truven Health Analytics, 75 percent of adults in the US believed that they eat healthily. It was not clear if the respondents understood what constitutes a healthy diet, but experts mentioned that they might be referring to the portion size and inclusion of fruits and vegetables in their meals.


Portion control is one of the well-kept secrets to live a long and healthy life. Check out these 3 cooking methods that you can use to prepare nutritious meals.

Cooking Method #1: Sauté For Quick Meals

These cooking methods are often used to whip up yummy vegetable dishes. But some people would stay away from these two cooking methods because it requires oils to cook the food. But experts claimed that both can still give you healthy meals as long as you use the right oils and the right temperature when cooking. One of their suggestions is to heat avocado oil when sautéing vegetables, since it has a good smoking point that can reach up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit (232.2 degrees Celsius).

It would also help if you use cookware that has good heating properties for even heat distribution. Some professionals and home cooks use copper pans lined with tin or stainless steel to cook the vegetables properly.

Cooking Method #2: Grill For Hearty Dishes

To get the maximum nutrients without losing the flavor, then grilling could be the best option for you. It will not require you to use a lot of extra fats known for causing various cardiovascular diseases. This cooking method can also intensify the taste of the food by providing a smoky flavor and keeping the meats moist. The veggies and fruits will also remain tender.

Some even grill their fruits to come up with a healthier and sweeter dessert option. However, you still need to limit your grilled food intake and the consumption of charred meals to avoid the risk of cancer.

Cooking Method #3: Steam For Light Flavors

If you want to retain all the natural goodness of the food, you can consider steaming as your method of choice when cooking your meal. It is one of the best ways to cook fish fillets and fresh vegetables since you do not need to add more fats to keep the ingredients moist. You may enhance the flavor of the meal by adding some seasonings like salt and pepper. Other options to improve the taste of your steamed meals include adding herbs and other spices while cooking or squeezing some lemon on top right before serving.

Other healthy cooking methods that you may consider for your next meals include poaching and boiling, which do not require any harmful oils to cook the ingredients. You may also consider raw meals if you want to increase your plant intake. Some studies also claim that eating raw food can lessen the risk of cancer. But as long as you include more nutritious meals in your daily diet using any of these cooking methods, you will feel healthier and stronger for a long time.

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