3 Healthy Teas We Think You Need to Try


Welcome to the world of tea, a drink that is perfect for hydrating you and warming you up in the winter months. Not only is tea delicious, but certain types of tea come with many health benefits that you definitely shouldn’t be missing out on. Tea comes in all sorts of flavors so you can always find one that fits the needs of your taste buds. It’s the ideal drink to refresh your pallet after a meal, or for any time of day when you fancy it. Here are 3 healthy teas that you need to be trying.

green tea

Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea is a special type of green tea where the leaves are powdered and blended with hot water to make the tea. This is different to typical green tea where components of the leaves are used to make the tea. Matcha Tea comes with many health benefits. It is packed full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants all of which help your body to be protected against diseases like cancer and heart disease. Matcha Tea has also been proved to help raise the bodies metabolic rate, meaning that it’s a great drink for people who are on a diet. The average drink of Matcha Tea contains around 3 calories, so perfect if you’re on a low calorie diet.


You can buy Echinacea Tea in two forms, either dried leaves or in a tea bag. This type of tea also comes with many health benefits as it is known to boost your immune system. This will help your body to fight off the common illnesses that are constantly being passed from human to human, meaning that you won’t have to spend so many days in work each year feeling awful. In fact, Echinacea Tea was used in a study and the people who drank this type of tea had their risk of contracting a common cold reduced by 58% compared to those that didn’t drink it.


Chamomile Tea is known as the ‘night-time tea’, it’s the ideal drink for before bed as it has a mild sedative effect which is known for helping those who struggle with insomnia. This tea has been used by people for centuries to help with emotional problems and to benefit overall health. Chamomile Tea is also known for helping to boost your immune system, to help you fight of those pesky illnesses. Along with these benefits, Chamomile Tea helps to sooth the stomach, reducing cramps and relaxing the muscles for people suffering with a tummy bug or problem like IBS. It’s a great drink which helps with your overall health right from your mind down to your body.

Tea is a very refreshing drink. With so many health benefits and being so delicious, we can’t think of any reasons why tea won’t be your new favorite drink. If you’re not keen on these teas, then there are plenty more out there all with their own health benefits.

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