3 Healthy Gifts for Your Loved Ones


Not everyone lives a healthy lifestyle that benefits them. And when a loved one starts down an unhealthy path, you can take some action to encourage them to change course. It’s a delicate balancing act. On one hand, you don’t want to come across as insulting them or calling them fat. But on the other hand, you care about their health and well-being enough to want to help. Gifts are an excellent way to help out your loved ones without insulting them. Following are three great healthy gifts that your friend or family member will appreciate.

Gym Membership

A gym membership is a great gift, but it can be taken the wrong way if you’re not careful. Instead of giving a gift to a random gym, get your loved one a membership at your gym. If you’re not already working out at a gym, get a family membership and add your giftee to it. It’s easier to encourage someone to join you and work out together for shared fitness goals instead of doing it solo. A gym buddy lessens the monotony of working out as there’s someone to share the routines with, help change weights, and talk to along the way. Your loved one might be more inclined to join you at the gym if you’re already there.

Healthy Eating

Changing eating habits is another difficult subject to bring up. You don’t want to seem rude for telling your loved one that they’re eating unhealthy foods. Instead of telling someone directly that you think they’re eating poorly, try a more subtle approach and send a gift basket full of healthy foods or a gift card to a store that’s known for carrying healthy products. Gifts like these show you care enough to spend money on someone to help them find foods that are better for them. You can also use the gifts as an opening to discuss which foods are great for physical health and well-being.

High Fiber Foods


A smartwatch is an excellent gift for encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Smartwatches track distance walked and calories burned, and they can even check the wearer’s pulse. These handy devices also pair up with smartphones and transmit the information they collect into a chosen app. They also let the user keep an eye on blood pressure, set calorie burning goals, and set an alarm to inform the user that they’ve walked for so many minutes or steps in a given day.

The benefit of a smartwatch is the ability to log all of this data and look back on it. Sometimes a goal is a bit too ambitious or isn’t set high enough. With a smart watch, your loved one will have fun when he or she is striving for fitness goals.

These are just some of the ways you can encourage your loved one to get healthy without coming across as insulting. It’s a fine line to walk, but when you show someone you care about their health in these ways, everyone will be happy.

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