3 Foods That Cause Bad Breath

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Let’s get hypothetical, you’re on a blind date. Your friend swears that you two will hit it off, but you’re hesitant due to bad luck in the past. You begrudgingly accept and pull up to the restaurant. You’re a little late but what does it matter, you’re doing your friend a favor. Scanning the room you imagine talking to each person you guess is the other half of this social experiment. You meet eyes with the most attractive person in the room, you now know that this magnificent specimen is here to see you. Conversation is easy and intriguing, and you don’t feel the need for any liquid courage to let yourself be comfortable. The waiter comes to take orders, what do you ask for? Some foods on that menu may cause bad breath, and with this guide you’ll know which items to avoid if you intend to get closer than three feet from your new interest!

Foods That Cause Bad Breath

Foods That Cause Bad Breath: Garlic

garlic bad breathThis one is a no brainer, but why is it common knowledge that garlic breath is unpleasant? The root of the problem is derived from various naturally occurring  sulfuric compounds found in garlic. I recommend not going to an Italian restaurant for a first date for two reasons. Due to high usage of garlic in all Italian dishes and no matter how hard you try, red sauce will get all over every white article of clothing you wear. Because the compounds in garlic are metabolized and put into your bloodstream the smell will come out  of your pores and live in your lungs. You’ll continue to smell even after brushing and mouthwash. Once you breath in, the air is polluted in your lungs, causing flowers to wilt and people to not call you for a second date.

Foods That Cause Bad Breath: Coffee and Alcohol

Alcohol may get the conversation going, but when you’d like to use your mouth for other uses it may put a halt to any desired advances. Due to alcohol (and coffee) having a drying effect on your mouth, bad breath is the next phase. When saliva flow is reduced the bacteria that causes plaque and bad breath aren’t washed away, they linger and stink up the place. If you’re going to drink or have a cup of dessert coffee, I’d recommend have a standby glass of water to supplement.

Foods That Cause Bad Breath: Lemon and Vinegar

So the conversation is so easy that alcohol isn’t necessary, so you opt for a glass of lemonade. You’ve made a huge mistake and should feel ashamed of yourself. Lemonade, like vinegar is very high in acid. Apart from the acidity being bad for your teeth’s enamel, it will also accelerate bacterial growth,causing an odorous byproduct.

So, now you know three common foods that can cause bad breath. Avoid these foods, or at the very least, be mindful about when you eat them.

What are some of your favorite smelly foods? Let me know in the comments below – I would love to hear all about them.

Zane Schwarzlose writes for A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe, a dental practice in Sugar Land, Texas. Zane enjoys garlic way too much.

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