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3 Things to Know about Texas Liquor Licensing

Texas provides approximately 100,000 licenses per year. The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission offers 30 liquor and beer licenses and permits for selling, distributing or warehousing alcohol, and the process can be somewhat complicated. License requirements Individuals who have received a DUI within the last 6 months, were convicted of a felony within the last 5 […]

Tired man waking up in the morning with headache.

How to Master the Art of Waking Up Early

SUMMARY: If you don’t consider yourself to be a morning person, waking up early every day may sound like the worst thing ever. It can be difficult, tiring, and may even contribute to the well-known afternoon sleepies that many of us experience after lunch every day. However, before you give up on the idea entirely, […]


Homegrown Happiness – 5 Fun Activities To Brighten Your Day When You’re Stuck At Home

Home is where the heart is… until you’re stuck at home. Then it can rapidly switch to feeling frustrating and less than heart-warming. Find a sense of peace in your own environment again by making it a safe space to grow your skills or develop your creativity. Take part in a few new activities to […]

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