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3 Tips for Launching a Successful Vegan Business

Veganism has exploded in popularity over the last decade, and most of us are now used to seeing vegan shops and cafés on the high street alongside the more mainstream options. It wasn’t long ago that a vegan business would have been considered highly specialised and niche – but not anymore. Launching a vegan business […]


Health and Fitness Tips for Busy Women

Health and fitness have become a constant subject of discussion among women. Gone are the days when the female human species was perceived as home and kitchen inbound. Time has changed, and we are in an era where women are not only handling careers, running families but also, they are taking total control over their […]


These Are The Cheapest and Most Expensive Places for Brunch Across The States

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While that may be true, it’s close cousin, brunch, is not to be forgotten. Brunch brings everything we know and love about two meals – breakfast and lunch – into one amazing dining experience.  But like all things in life, it comes with a […]


10 Tips to Manage Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder is one of the most common eating disorders prevailing in the world. It is engulfing an increasing number of people of all races, ages, gender, and nationalities. Many a time people are persuaded to believe that it is not an eating disorder that is making them eat more. Such misconception leads to […]


How to Get the Perfect Summer BBQ Party Going

It’s Fall, of course, and summer is months away. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start preparing for the summer BBQ party of a lifetime the second the sun shines down once more. In this short write up, a food delivery platform delivers some very handy tips for setting up and throwing the best […]

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