2019 Health and Wellness Trends


Health and wellness trends that are going to stay and influence people in 2019

There’s no doubt about the fact that health goals are definitely the most famous resolutions taken during the New Year. The people with the best intentions take a wide variety of health resolutions like getting back to shape, stop having sweets, quitting smoking, starting exercising and several other goals. Resolving to practice more exercise and eat more healthy are the most common ways of jumping into the wellness trends but why should you stop there? Don’t you think that there are several other resolutions to make apart from eating healthy and exercising more?

If you take into account 2018, there were too many bizarre and dangerous wellness fads which took a toll on the lives of people in this year and one that instantly comes to mind is the lollipop for suppressing appetite. Who can guarantee that there won’t be some equally dangerous wellness fads coming up in 2019 yet again? Read on to know more on few such health and wellness trends.

Wellness trends which are on the way – What does 2019 look like?

No matter you choose to make the next 12 months of your year the best ones with regards to your personal decision but there are few big wellness trends in the horizon which are going to bring about a huge change. As per the leading experts, here are few of the top wellness trends.

Trend #1: Ayurveda will be accepted as mainstream treatment

This is the time when ayurvedic herbs will go mainstream. India has been using the holy basil and Ashwagandha for several thousand years now. If you take into account Ayurveda, all these plants are deemed to be ‘rasayana’ or a kind of restorative tonic which can boost your longevity and health. These days, you will find turmeric, holy basil and ashwagandha are found everywhere and there are so many products being derived from them as well. These herbs have shown extremely healthy response to stress and you can benefit from having these herbs with your smoothie in the morning.

Trend #2: Women are embracing their natural bodies

If you take into account the ‘Big Bush Energy’ which was a term coined by the editors of Well+Good, this was a cultural wake-up call which is making waxing an optional method of removing hair from your body. This theory is rooted in the movement of body-inclusivity. As there are more and more products which endorse fem care, which is a market that is going to reach $45 billion by 2022, there are so many women who are embracing their bodies the way it is and they are feeling empowered to rock the hairy look.

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Trend #3: CBD will loom large

We already saw that CBD was the rage in 2018 and even in 2019, this is still going to loom larger than ever before. As the Farm Bill was recently passed which ticked off hemp from the Controlled Substances act, it is being predicted that this will grow in popularity like never before. There will be more and more CBD products which target specific diseases thereby bringing about a new trend of plant-based wellness. As we say CBD, we mean a wide array of cannabinoids which contain a variety of the important vitamins and other things which bring on the benefits. Just as the cheap protein bars Australia are well-known as a protein supplement, similarly CBD will also gain momentum.

Trend #4: Dental care will become extremely vital

Oral and dental care will start playing a major role in the overall self-care that people indulge in. Although regular flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day has been ingrained into your lives since your childhood, yet there is being seen enough growth in this category a well. Due to the increased access to care-at-home and teeth whitening systems, the dental industry is being disrupted in a positive way so that more and more consumers make dental health a top priority.

Trend #5: More one-stop wellness shops

One more thing that is trending is the one-stop wellness shops. If you consider Los Angeles, there are already stores like Next Health and Upgrade Labs and the experts believe that there will be many more wellness shops all over the world. As customers don’t have to move from one place to another for getting their various holistic modalities, this is gaining momentum. These wellness shops will have everything to cater to the needs of the people and they don’t even have to drive here and there for searching for these needs.

Trend #6: Soul workouts

If you’re still searching for the most successful fitness workouts, this will definitely create a space to invade the emotional zone where people can not only shift their physical energy but also their emotional energy. For all those who are highly focused on taking proper care of their spiritual and emotional self, this is a form of active medication. So, both physical and emotional self will be vital this year.

Health and wellness tips you’re supposed to follow in 2019

After going through the trends that are going to stay in 2019 and even beyond, you must be thinking of the different health and wellness trends that you’re going to follow in order to make your life better and more organised. Here are few that you may take into account.

#1: Clean eating is going to stay for long

If you love collecting recipe books, you must have come across the new book of Gwyneth Paltrow which has brought back ‘clean eating’ back to the limelight. If you can make clean recipes from clean ingredients, there’s nothing better that you can do for your health. Though the backlash was lingering for the last 3 years but ‘clean’ food doesn’t show signs of fading away like the other fad diets.


#2:’Breathing’ is the new exercise

Have you heard about wellness focused on respiratory work? This is a recent trend which has caught the eye of several health editors in the year 2018 and now it seems to balloon in 2019. The way you breathe has an impact on your emotional, mental and physical state of mind and if you can practice the technique of breathing, this will have a positive influence on improving your mental health. This has been here in the Western countries since 1960’s but now it is gradually becoming common in gyms and fitness apps.

#3: Home exercising will become more common

With the large number of fitness apps and YouTube fitness videos, home workouts have become extremely easy these days. But with this New Year, do you want your workout session to look more technically advanced? There are more and more platforms for home workout like FiiT which were seen in 2018. If you knew what ‘band workout’ is, it is a crucial and effective way of exercising indoors. As per the trend report of Instagram, this trend has increased by 1914%.

#4: Wellness havens will become more niche

Health and Fitness Travel, a wellness travel company predicted that in 2019, people will be going for ‘painmoons’ instead of honeymoon as their trip will be followed by a prolonged period of bad mental health. They will take menopause or divorce retreats, fertility trips for the couples who are striving hard to conceive and there will also be people going out on sugar detox trips. Moms will be busy taking mum-vacations to get some ‘me-time’ where they’re away from the sleepless nights and 3am feed times.

#5: Online wellness will be easier to adopt

Who is shameful of being addicted to your phone? Well, done! We all unanimously agree to this fact that we are all addicted to our phones. This is because there are few tech companies which are making it simpler for people to get a grip on their issues. As the online wellness movement is gaining momentum, you will find it easier to use your phone for digital wellness programs. Did you know that Google just launched an entire digital well being section for all their Pixel phones? Users will now onwards be encouraged and motivated to focus on whatever matters the most.

#6: Employer wellness programs

Are you someone who is employed in a full-time job? If yes, the work environment that you work in will create a huge difference to your health. In this case, the self-employed and the freelancers are a bit more flexible. The employers are realizing the advantages of creating a healthy workplace and hence they’re gradually taking on more responsibility to foster the well-being of their staff. They’re adopting practices like flexible working hours, a 4-day work week and mental health first-aiders. Companies are also having gyms for the employees to work out and reduce their stress. So, you can well imagine a healthier employment life in 2019!

Therefore, now that you know the different ways in which the health and wellness industry is going to help you in 2019, what are you waiting for? Take the needed steps to stay on top of your health and wellness goals.

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