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Stop Hair Loss on Its Tracks: 5 Tips to Improve Your Situation

Hair loss is a big problem for many men around the world. Balding is a huge issue and it affects men of all ages and not only those in the older crowd… In fact, according to statistics, 40% of men in their 35s start to notice significant hair loss. That percentage grows as men get […]


How Can I Cultivate An Authentic Lifestyle?

These days, the term “authenticity” has become prevalent within discourse regarding holistic health. While this reality could mean many things, it’s safe to say that many people are realizing that being holistically healthy involves moving beyond modes of being marked by detachment from others or letting oneself be defined in terms of personal possessions, social […]


Tips To Easily Get Rid Of Blackheads

Taking care of your facial skin is essential as this will help you to avoid getting blackheads which tend to build up as a result of the pores of the skin being blocked. When the skin pores are blocked, blackheads tend to appear as a result of oil and dead skin. However, there are many […]


A Healthy Start to 2018: New Habits, New You

People often make resolutions for the new year, intending to eat healthier, get in shape, or otherwise improve themselves. In order to follow through on these resolutions, it’s important to set ones that are attainable. Here are three resolutions you can set that are sustainable and will make you feel like a new person. Get […]


How To Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Yoga

Whenever you start practicing yoga, your lifestyle changes and gets better. For instance, you get better sleep and you feel more relaxed. Moreover, yoga makes your limbs flexible and muscles stronger. Apart from good diet, yoga workout contributes heavily to having a good lifestyle. Let’s look at how to have a healthy lifestyle with yoga. […]

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