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When to Seek Help for Alcohol Abuse

There is just a simple fact in life: sometimes it’s not so great. There are moments when people are down on themselves, when they feel lost and alone in a world that is so vast. During these moments people often turn to external means to coop, and they are not always better off for it. […]


10 Foods You Should Not Feed Your Dogs

It is tempting to let your dog eat what they want. After all, who in their right mind wants to refuse those big brown eyes? Will a little amount of table scraps really hurt your dog? The truth really depends on the food itself. Southern Arizona Veterinarians are often forced to help poor pooches who […]

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Brighten Up Your Smile With Dental Veneers

When people are quizzed on what they first notice about a person, their smile is always at the top of the list. An illuminating smile is hard to miss and can be enough on its own to make a good impression. Having the looks of Ryan Gosling or Scarlett Johansson doesn’t hurt, but a radiant […]


Innovative Ways to Get the Most Benefits From Tea

Green tea and other types of tea have a number of benefits. Drinking tea daily can help you lose weight, improve the look of your skin, develop shinier hair and even reduce your risk of contracting certain diseases in the future. Though you might think that you should drink at least one glass of tea […]


The Best Time to Drink Your Protein Shake For Maximum Effectiveness

7..8…9…10. You happily drop the 50 pound dumbbells to the ground with a loud crash and examine your body in the mirror, grinning in satisfaction at the obvious muscle tone that you have recently put on. The exercise session was amazing and you’ve pretty much got one thing left to do to complete the mission: […]

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