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The Importance of Exercise for any Age

A lot of people forgo exercise as they get older due to the belief that their ageing bodies are more prone to injuries. In fact, according to statistics, the average American over the age of 65 spends 4.3 hours a day watching television, yet only 22% of these seniors follow a workout routine. Physical activity […]


Is It Time to Get Help for Chronic Pain? 5 Signs You Should See a Doctor

Everyone experiences some type of pain at some point in their lives. Minor illnesses or injuries — you bang your arm on the table, for example, or suffer a bout of strep throat — are usually temporary and get better with treatment. Overuse is another common culprit for pain. If you spend three hours on […]


Do You Overlook Your Real Priorities?

Priorities can be a funny thing, when it comes to what people spend their money on. We may think we really need something in one area of our lives, while a purchase in another area would seem completely unnecessary. Sometimes it takes reprioritizing our lives to see what really is important and deserving of attention. […]


Common Geriatric Dental Issues

As people age, the structure and appearance of their teeth and mouth in general can change. This has to do with many factors including the fact that loss in dexterity, a decrease in eyesight, and sometimes diminished cognition can contribute to a decline in oral care. The older community needs help when it comes to […]


Aging at Home – the Path to Independence

Conversations among Baby Boomers today often focus on eldercare fears, frustrations, and outright moans.  A blip on the Android can mean mom has fallen from the couch while cheering her favorite political rant, or dad has phoned the police to report the theft of his glasses. Siblings squabble over whose turn it is “check on […]


Easy Ways To Protect Your Ears From Hearing Damage

If you have experienced the initial signs of hearing loss and often have trouble understanding other people while they are talking, you are not alone. In fact, approximately 20% of the adult U.S. population suffers from some degree of hearing loss. The most common cause of hearing loss is age-related. However, continuous exposure to loud […]


Complications Associated With Dwarfism

Dwarfism is not a condition that is properly understood by most people out there. When individuals see people that are not as them, misconceptions naturally appear. Unfortunately, one of the most important problem that has to be discussed is related to the general belief that those affected by dwarfism are just little and nothing else […]

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How Can You Become A Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer career is definitely personally rewarding since you have access to a huge independence and flexibility but getting started is definitely not as easy as you may be tempted to believe at first glance. The problem is that it is quite difficult to start. There are currently over 300 suitable certification programs that […]


Reclaiming Your Independence From Drug Addiction

If you’ve been caught up in the vicious cycle of drug addiction, you know that the sooner you stop, the sooner you’ll be able to reclaim your health, happiness, and self esteem. Of course, the very nature of addiction makes this wish an extremely hard one to make happen. But it can, and should, be […]


Integrative Medicine and Online Educational Opportunities

It’s amazing how today there is an ongoing trend in mind-melds between advancing technologies and a holistic, total man concept in health-care. In particular, this article speaks of merging Internet online educational learning experiences, medical science, nutrition, exercise, meditation and so much more, in a quest for breakthroughs in quality health and wellness–integrative medicine. Integrative […]

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