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5 Things The Amish Do That You Should Adopt

I live in Pennsylvania, the state with the oldest Amish settlement in the country, and while looking around here, I’ve found that there are many things that the Amish do to make life better that are worth adopting. Known for living off the grid, leading a simple, more relaxed life, with simple, no-fuss surroundings, the […]


Is Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Safe For You?

These days, it seems like there is more and more pressure for people to get fit. They say it is easier for people to get fit in their twenties–and this is quite true. Our body’s metabolism is more agreeable during this time, and it gets harder to lose weight and tone up as we get […]


Spring Is In The Air! Add More Spring to Your Step

The season of spring is when things awaken, come alive again and start to bloom. This is a good time for us to think about creating that feeling in our bodies too. Every season, we want to have more energy and springtime is a great time to kick it off! Here are some quick tips […]

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