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5 Plants That Help Promote A Healthy Work Environment

Scientists have proven that plants can promote healthy living, by increasing oxygen, reducing toxins, and giving an increased positivity to a place. Make over your office with a few of the best plants for reducing stress and creating a more healthy work environment. Mother in Law’s Tongue This is one awesome plant with a crazy […]


4 Brain-Boosting Foods

Can’t remember what you had for dinner two nights ago? Having trouble forgetting that new coworker’s name? Do you know the name of your favorite restaurant when you were on vacation last summer? Many people deal with short-term memory loss or fuzzy memories. Memory loss is due highly to inflammation in the neurological areas and […]


The Vegetarian Diet: What You Should Know

Meatless Mondays, Tofu Tuesdays, Soyrizo, and other meatless meals are gaining popularity. The vegetarian lifestyle has come a long way in the past two decades. I’ve come to know many people who are skeptical about eating vegetable-based entrees thinking that they either won’t be hearty enough or that they will lack flavor. Many families are […]

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The Benefits Of Coconut Water For Athletes

For athletes and people who are avid gym goers, nutrition and rehydration are two very important factors in getting the most from your workout and also being in tip top shape. Of course, sports drinks offer people of this vein plenty of benefits but what if there was a natural equivalent? Well, there is – […]


Cellulite Food: 4 of the Best Anti-Cellulite Food Ingredients

You do not have to endure cellulite that makes your skin look like orange rinds.  Do something about it without having to spend much.  Discover how these top 4 anti cellulite food ingredients are your best weapon. Kelp Kelp is large seaweed that belongs to the algae family.  It is one of the secret weapons […]


Measuring Blood Pressure

The technical term for elevated arterial pressure is hypertension. It means that the value of the blood pressure is higher than it should be. This may have adverse effects your organs, especially the cardiovascular system. Hypertensive may cause heart failure and variety of heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias). Therefore, in order to prevent arrhythmia it is […]


Top 6 Clean Eating Principles

Chances are pretty high that you have come across the term clean eating rather often. But, do you know what it really means? It’s not a fad or fancy diet, neither does clean eating involve any rigid rules. In the simplest terms it can be defined as going back to the basics. It works by […]

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