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5 Musts for Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming addiction isn’t easy! It is common knowledge that admitting to a problem is the first step in any recovery program. If you have an addiction, you must first come to the point where you can come to terms with that fact before moving on to steps to overcome it. But what about after you’ve […]


Zumba Craze That Is Taking Over the World

Leave your Alexis Dove jewellery, high heels, and worries at home and find a Zumba class near you – it will literally leave you on a high for the rest of the day! Welcome to The World of Zumba Millions of people all over the world do Zumba. Most participants are women, but there are […]


How to Wake Yourself Up

Being startled out of bed by an alarm clock is one of the worst ways to wake up. Still, many people believe that it is the only way to get out of bed on time. Most people, however, can train their bodies to wake up at the right time without an alarm clock, but it […]


Embarking on a New Healthy Lifestyle

So you’re tired of feeling tired and sluggish. You’re tired of being overweight.  You’ve decided to embark on a new healthy lifestyle. Awesome! So where do you start? There are a few things to keep in mind as you take off on this new journey to a healthy lifestyle. 1. This isn’t a quick fix or […]

Toddler girl with muddy hands

Let Them Eat Dirt: Why Children Need Germs

As parents of any young child will attest, it takes a near exhaustive effort to keep their kid clean. Despite how disgusting parents may find it, the basic nature of curious young children requires that they touch everything in their environment. Whether the next item that gets placed into a child’s mouth is the dog’s […]


Muscle Growth: How to Train For Best Results

Making sure your workout program is tailored towards muscle growth is essential for you to truly see results. It is not as easy as simply going into the gym and doing whatever workouts you want–in fact it goes past the gym. What makes you gain muscle mass? Intensive strength training, proper dieting, and sufficient rest. […]


Top 5 Apps For Tracking What You Eat

We’ve scanned the app stores top to bottom and came up with the top 5 apps for tracking what you eat. According to a Pew Internet & American Life study, 15 percent of adults with cellphones use health applications on their devices, with 17 percent looking up health information on the go. This is a […]


NYC Bans Soda and Other Sugary Drinks

September 13th 2012 – Source: BerryRipe NYC Bans Soda That’s right…NYC Bans Soda! In a stunning move today by the NYC Health Department, New York City became the first major metropolitan area to ban the sale of soda and other sugary drinks. As of March 1, 2013, restaurants and eateries, sports arenas and movie theaters, concession stands and […]


The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15: Picking Your Produce

Hello fellow foodies! I know as well as anyone that buying organic can be a costly affair.  But, if you are in any way concerned about nutrition, health or sustainable foods, then organic is well worth the cost. The Environmental Working Group (EWG)  has compiled a list of produce containing the greatest amount of pesticide […]

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